Senior Vice President of Sales & operations, REALTOR®

Lamacchia Realty

Dave grew up in Pennsylvania where he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, Magna Cum Laude, with a focus on finance and economics. He relocated to Massachusetts in 2009. He is Senior Vice President of Sales for the entire company. In this position he spends all his time overseeing, training, coaching, teaching and advising agents on how to do more business.

He started at the company in the depth of the Real Estate market downfall in early 2010. At first, he was working with banks getting short sales approved. Within a couple of months Anthony realized that Dave is a natural leader, and since that area of the company was growing, Anthony promoted him to run the entire short sale department which eventually grew to six people. That team was the backbone of all the success Lamacchia Realty had with short sales during the real estate crisis and helped over 1,500 homeowners.

Then in late 2012, Dave made the move out of that department and into inside sales. He worked the phones for about a year advising home sellers and booking appointments with agents. Then in 2013, Dave began going out and meeting with home sellers himself. He quickly proved yet again that wherever he went he succeeded. From 2013 to 2016, Dave took more listings and sold more homes than anyone in the company. In late 2015, as Anthony was planning to make major management changes and promotions, he approached Dave about moving back into management, so he promoted to Sales Manager.  He is also known to occasionally attend an appointment with an agent to assist them with their client. Dave is very hands on and never scared to jump in the mix to teach agents how to improve and everyone knows it.  Dave later became the VP of Sales and took over the sales department.  He further developed sales processes, lead products and more during his tenure in that role.

Dave became the VP of Sales & Operations in August 2023 and then was promoted to Senior Vice President in June 2024.  He oversees all of the companies million dollar plus annual budget on the creation of leads, from television to other various online sources.  He monitors all lead flow to ensure that the correct agents receive leads and receive them quickly.  He is always thinking about how to improve sales, sales processes, and most of all how to help agents grow their businesses.  Dave also oversees offices’ operations, pursues system improvements, and is one of the company’s top trainers. As a member of the company’s executive team Dave is involved in every major decision about the direction of the companies.


Favorite Part of My Job:

“I love talking to people, hearing about what we can assist them with, and helping them out.”