Lamacchia Leadership Team

Lamacchia Team
Jackie Louh, Sabrina McGrory, Sarah Chaisson, Angela Walker, Lindsay Favazza, Cole Gargaro, Lauren DiStefano
Mike McGrory, Shane Bronson, Anthony Lamacchia, Dave Karoly, John Millen

Thursday, August 1st – Today at the company’s annual meeting and celebration at Thompson Island in Boston, Anthony Lamacchia announced additions into the Lamacchia Companies’ Leadership Team and several other adjustments to handle the company’s explosive growth. In the last year, the company has added 125 Realtors and 10 staff members, tripled its Relocation business, opened its sixth office in Leominster, launched its Offer now Program and Lamacchia Realty has doubled its homes sold this summer compared to last.

Lamacchia has always had a larger than normal management team given the amount of the agents in the company because Anthony is determined to maintain the support and structure and continue to provide the wide variety of products, services, and tools it offers to its Agents and staff.  Now that the company has grown exponentially and plans to continue this growth, adjustments were necessary.

New Additions to the Leadership Team

Cole Gargaro

Cole Gargaro

Cole Gargaro, 2018 Employee of the Year, had served as the company’s Graphic Designer, content creator, office designer, and had the title of Marketing Coordinator.   She is now the Design and Content Manager on Lindsay Favazza’s five-person, in-house marketing team.  In this role, she will grow the company’s already vast depth of marketing options for agents.  She will also visit offices more regularly and give agents more training on marketing themselves. Cole is known for fanatically protecting the visual appearance of all the brands.

“Ever since Cole started here, she has always been passionate about the brand and how clients and agents perceive us, in this new role she will truly be able to soar and take our branding to incredible new heights!”
Lindsay Favazza
Director of Marketing

John Millen

John Millen was also promoted to the companies Leadership team. John has been a Business Development Consultant since March of 2018 when he moved from being a Realtor over to focus on growing the company.  He will now serve as Business Development Manager on Jackie Louh’s Business Development Team.  John has personally on-boarded many agents into the company but more importantly, he is known for caring about the existing agents and staff like they are his family.

“John has proven himself time and time again. He genuinely cares about the agents in this company and is already recognized as a leader among them, so having him join the Leadership team was inevitable. John has been an instrumental part in the growth of this company and I’m excited to see what the future holds for him.”
Jackie Louh REALTOR Lamacchia Realty biopic
Jackie Louh
Vice President  of Business Development
sabrina mcgrory

Sabrina McGrory

Sabrina McGrory is rejoining the leadership team, after a short hiatus, in order to personally make sure that the assistance for the company’s Waltham office was where it should be. She is rejoining as Operations Manager.  Sabrina joined the company over 7 years ago and has been a leader among staff and the company’s highly trained administrative team that she is once again officially leading.

“I’m so excited to be working hand in hand with Sabrina in her new role, she is a natural for the position. I can’t wait to see all the great things she will accomplish. Her promotion is well deserved!”
Angela Rastellini vp of operations at Lamacchia Realty biopic
Angela Walker
Vice President of Operations Lamacchia Realty, Lamacchia PM
“John, Cole, and Sabrina are a tremendous addition to our Leadership Team.  They all bring a lot to the table with their vast depths of knowledge in their respective areas. They will help our executives better delegate with their additional oversight.”
Anthony Square
Anthony Lamacchia
CEO Lamacchia Companies

In addition, to these new leadership team members, Anthony decided it was time to make some adjustments to the existing Leadership team to better handle the growth they are experiencing.  The parent company, Lamacchia Companies Inc., will also gain additional employees and its own Management Team.

Sarah Chaisson realtor at Lamacchia Realty biopic

Sarah Chaisson

Starting with Sarah Chaisson who has been the Vice President of Lamacchia Realty she will now be Vice President of Finance of Lamacchia Companies Inc.  She was employee number one with Anthony back in 2005 when it all started.  In the early years, she did a little bit of everything from bookkeeping to marketing to inside sales and transaction coordination. Over the last five years, she has been more focused on finance, high-level decision making, human resources and leading engineers to build the companies custom customer relationship management system. Moving forward she will focus completely on finance for all the companies.

Angela Rastellini vp of operations at Lamacchia Realty biopic

Angela Walker

Angela Walker started at the company back in 2009 as an assistant and worked her way up to Director of Operations. In the early years, she worked with Anthony selling hundreds of homes and then built out a team of agents to sell under her.  Over the last five years, she has been operationally focused. Angela has a reputation for getting things done. She will now be Vice President of Operations for Lamacchia Realty and Lamacchia Property Management.

Mike McGrory of Lamacchia Companies biopic

Mike McGrory

Mike McGrory started at the company back in 2008. After working in several positions for years, Mike worked his way up to the Director of Sales. Over the last twelve months, Mike has been very focused on developing the companies new Offer Now Program. Mike was the one who came up with this idea for the company and pressed Anthony on doing it. Since the program has been such a success and Lamacchia Development has been purchasing, rehabbing and selling 2-5 homes a month, it was time to get Mike completely focused on it. Effective today Mike will be Vice President of Property Acquisitions and Development for Lamacchia Realty and Lamacchia Development.

Dave Karoly of Lamacchia Realty biopic

Dave Karoly

Dave Karoly has served as the company’s Sales manager since 2016.  Dave started with Lamacchia back in 2010 and held many roles including a listing agent where he signed up over 1,000 listings.  He loves teaching agents how to sign up and work with clients. He is a natural-born leader and known for mastering whatever he gets involved in.  He has been handling all budgeting and buying of online leads for two years. Dave’s new title will be Vice President of Sales and he will oversee all sales channels for Lamacchia Realty and Lamacchia Property management.


Lindsay Favazza

Lindsay Favazza started at the company back in 2016 after emailing Anthony seeking out a job.  Lindsay is a true marketing guru who was the only marketing person three years ago and is now the leader of a five-person team with Cole Gargaro as manager under her. Lindsay is being promoted to Director of Marketing for all of the Lamacchia Companies. In this role, she will oversee all marketing efforts for all companies.   This includes lead generation for Lamacchia Realty agents and helping agents market themselves while also driving leads for Lamacchia Property Management, Real Training and Systems, and continuing to build the highly sought after Facebook Page, Crush it in Real Estate.

“It was time to adjust the team so that each member could singularly focus on what they are best at.  I am fortunate to have such a team of leaders to run all our different business lines and companies. This team will continue to work hard to get us to the ultimate goal of being the largest and best privately held Real Estate Company in America.   I have said it before and I will say it again….we have the best Leadership team in the business, period!” stated Anthony Lamacchia CEO Lamacchia Companies.

Lauren DiStefano

Lauren DiStefano

Shane bronson

Shane Bronson

There were also two administrative staff members who were promoted to office managers.  To read about Meghan Casagranda’s promotion to Worcester Office Manager, click here. To learn about  Kim Beaulieu’s promotion to Woburn Office Manager, click here.