After five years of Lamacchia Realty offering weekly live training to its agents Lamacchia is now offering it to other brokerages, teams and agents across the nation through its REAL Training and Systems company.  In January 2017 a company in Northern Virginia began as its first monthly customer tuning into the weekly live training via Go to Web. Since that time that company and its agents have seen a tremendous improvement in their skills and growth to their businesses.

Given the high level of interest in Lamacchia’s training from many brokers across the country for many years starting on December 1st, Lamacchia will be offering these trainings to additional brokerages, teams, and agents across the nation.  Lamacchia is offering customers the ability to sign up on a monthly ongoing basis or to sign up for specific courses that will be offered in monthly intervals.

“I have most certainly been through multiple training organizations through the 21 years that I have been selling real estate and by far Anthony’s provides the best results.” – Ashley Leigh, Broker Owner of Linton Hall Realtors in Virginia

To hear Lamacchia’ s vision for these trainings and directly from the owner, manager, and agents of the company in Virginia watch this video:

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“After more than five years of me saying no to offering training and Coaching to friends around the country I am thrilled to finally be at the point that we are more than ready to do it!  Our tactics, tools, strategies, and methods work well for Realtors, Broker Owners and team leaders who truly want to grow their businesses.  I can now say with 100% certainty that whoever takes advantage of our training and applies themselves will see dramatic growth in their businesses.” said Anthony Lamacchia Owner of REAL Training & Systems and Lamacchia Realty Inc.

These trainings and systems will increase:

  • Buyer lead conversion
  • Seller lead conversion
  • Teach agents how to manage their time, transactions, increase productivity and decrease headaches.
  • Time management
  • Operational management
  • Tracking Effectiveness and Agent Accountability
  • Lamacchia will also offer owners and team leaders the ability to visit its headquarters and see the operation first hand.
  • Documents, forms, emails, letters, contracts and more that the company uses with prospects, clients, and agents every day.


*Training will not be offered to any Real Estate companies or agents in New England. It is possible that not all companies or agents are approved for training as it is important that each company or agent and leader exhibits the ability to implement and be a strong advocate of the strategies on their end.