Lamacchia Realty is thrilled to announce that well-known legacy real estate brokerage Right Choice Real Estate is now a part of Lamacchia Realty.  Right Choice Real Estate was founded over 25 years ago by two very well-respected broker owners, Ron and Dawn Rusin.  Right Choice Real Estate has been a dominating force in the Bristol County market for decades. The company has over 100 million dollars of annual sales volume in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for the past several years. The company has also been either the top selling Real Estate office in Fall River or in the top three for over two decades.

Ron and Dawn Rusin will remain actively involved in running the office particularly in the first few months during the transition and they will continue to assist clients for years to come. They plan to focus a lot more on growing their real estate sales businesses as Lamacchia Realty handles all of the many management related tasks Ron and Dawn have been handling for over two decades.

Ron and Dawn have been in the real estate industry for over thirty years. In 1991, Ron started Ron Rusin Real Estate. Six years later, Ron decided to franchise with RE/MAX and create RE/MAX Right Choice. Then in August of 2022 they went back to being independent and changing their name to Right Choice Real Estate. Ron and Dawn are well known, respected leaders and brokers with an average agent count around 30 agents for many years. Their office has long had one of the best sales per agent ratios in the country. They are experts in the local market and made a name for themselves through providing excellent service.

"It's an absolute honor to be able to enter Southeastern Massachusetts in such a strong fashion. Ron, Dawn, and I have been friends and referring one another business for over 17 years. The fact that we can now work together is a dream come true for me. We have big plans for Bristol County and for Rhode Island and this joining of forces between our two companies only fast tracks those plans for which I am very grateful. It was very evident throughout our negotiations and planning conversations that Ron and Dawn truly view their agents like family and that was both impressive and attractive to us. I am very excited to welcome all the Right Choice Realtors and staff into our Lamacchia Family. Working with my team, along with Ron and Dawn to get this done has been a pleasure and we are all excited to work with them for many years to come."
“We are excited to join forces with Lamacchia Realty; after seeing their presentation with all they have to offer in marketing, training, systems, and technology we knew it was the right fit. In 2022, Lamacchia Realty was #5 for units sold in Massachusetts and closed over $1.7 Billion in real estate, with over 500 Agents. I realized for us and our agents this is the office of the future. Right Choice has been my baby for over 30 years, and I am looking forward to seeing Anthony and his team grow this into the #1 office in Bristol County. Anthony and I had spoken earlier this year and he said to me, ‘I'd rather us join together than compete’. I agreed, time for me to Let GO.... just like the Top Gun movie. We are excited for the opportunity and for Anthony’s energy to propel us even further in Bristol County. We are by NO means retiring, I will still be building, selling and flipping, while spending more time with family and traveling."
Ron Rusin
Previous Broker/Owner of Right Choice Real Estate

The current Right Choice Real Estate office at 101 Presidents Avenue in Fall River will now be a Lamacchia Realty office effective Tuesday August 1st.  Lamacchia plans to continue to use the Right Choice name in various advertisements and publications for months to come. This office location will almost immediately propel Lamacchia Realty to one of the top brokerages in Bristol County.  It will also expand Lamacchia’s reach in the Rhode Island market.  Lamacchia Realty has been serving buyers and sellers in Bristol County for over a decade but has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to open a branch office location. Existing Bristol County Lamacchia Realtors® Cheryl Perry, Tracie MacDonald, Donald Sylvia, Brad Thelin, and Joseph Ribeiro, who all joined Lamacchia’s Braintree office in the past few months, will be joining this office. 

Dawn Rusin, Ron Rusin, and Anthony Lamacchia sign papers to make things official

As brokers that see their agents as family, the Rusin’s were looking for a brokerage that would help their agents excel and thrive. They knew their agents would be in good hands with Lamacchia Realty’s training, systems, technology, and marketing. Ron and Dawn and all the REALTORS® at Right Choice can now grow their presence in Bristol County and Rhode Island and offer even more to their clients.  Agents joining with Ron and Dawn include Debrah Atteberry, Jim Baptista, Odette Beaulieu, Anita Berube, Jan Caouette, Donna Catalan, Russell Dubois, Beth Fay, Carole Fiola, Josh Frias, Cara Golson, Lori Gorman, Cassandre Hansen, Linda Mathieu, Holly McCombs, John Mitchell, Michelle Moniz, Desiree Oliveira, Rose Pacheco, Jenny Pappas, Anne Reed, Flora Rocha, Nicole Rusin, Cindy St. Pierre, Cindy, Senra, Ron Turcotte, John Viveiros, and Donna Whritenour.

Ron Rusin holds his Milton Shaw Award

Over the course of his career, Ron has received a number of awards including: the MAR REALTOR® of the Year award in 2004, the MAR Private Property Rights Award in 2023, the Milton Shaw Award in 2021, and a four-time Local Board REALTOR® of the Year. Ron was formerly the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® treasurer for two years. He currently serves on the MLS Pin Board of Directors for and has for 23 years, and currently serves as Treasurer. He is a board member of the Redevelopment Authority of Fall River and a Clerk of Bristol County Economic development. In 2024, Ron will serve as the Chairman of the Board for the Boys and Girl Club of Fall River.

Over the course of her career, Dawn Rusin has also made significant contributions to the real estate community. She has served as the Director of One South Coast Chamber of Commerce, as Director and Treasurer of the REALTOR® Association of Southeastern Massachusetts, and a committee member and Director of the Fall River Rotary Club. Dawn is still an active member of the associations, despite no longer serving on them. Dawn was also once a recipient of Local REALTOR® of the Year in 2003.

“I've not only sold real estate but managed our office's day to day operations for over 25 years. I developed deep relationships with every one of our agents. They are like family to me. I would never just get up and leave them. I know deep down that all our agents will be in good hands with Lamacchia Realty. I am completely comfortable handing over the reins to Anthony and am looking forward to working side by side with such great staff and such a great company. I plan on staying on for years to come just with a little less responsibility. I feel confident in saying we made THE RIGHT CHOICE.
Dawn Rusin
Former Owner of Right Choice Real Estate

Both Ron and Dawn have always believed in giving back to the community, something they have in common with Lamacchia Realty. They are constantly supporting different charities including Children’s Miracle Network, Boys and Girls Club, St. Vincent Services, Child and Family Services, Salvation Army, and Forever Paws. Ron, Dawn and Anthony have been friends and referral partners for years, so when Ron and Dawn decided they wanted more time to focus on their direct clients plus enjoy their grandchildren and travel, Lamacchia Realty was a natural first choice.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Ron and Dawn, two well-known and respected individuals in the industry. We have been doing business in Southeastern MA for many years and we are honored to officially be opening in Bristol County with the Rusins. It was clear very early on that Ron and Dawn care immensely for their agents and share the same values as we do, which really made this a perfect fit. They have built an incredible company and we will make sure the close knit; family vibe remains. This joining of forces will not only help us grow our presence in Southeastern MA, but Rhode Island as well. I’m looking forward to working with them, and the rest of the Right Choice family!”

Lamacchia Realty is excited to bring on even more REALTORS® in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the weeks and months to come. This is the first location in the area for Lamacchia Realty and the company is ready to make its mark.  A heavy marketing campaign has been initiated to dramatically boost the Company’s market reach in the region and to help add more top-rated agents to the Fall River office.  Some of the marketing already started over the last month with billboards all over Bristol County.  Now the full marketing plan will really kick into gear with additional billboards, social media, postcards, newspaper ads, and much more.

All buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Landlords, Realtors and other brokerages in the area should know that it is business as usual at the company.  There will be no interruptions in service to any clients anywhere. In the weeks to come Lamacchia’ s management team and staff will work with Ron, Dawn and all the Realtors who are now Lamacchia Realtors to slowly implement Lamacchia’s suite of lead products, services, training, technology and more.

It has been a busy summer for the independently owned brokerage. Most recently, Lamacchia Realty acquired Foley Real Estate in Falmouth, MA leading to the opening of its first Cape Cod branch office location. The growth didn’t stop there, Lamacchia Realty also recently opened in Salem NH with its first brick and mortar location after having served that area for many years, and prior to that celebrated its expansion into the Connecticut market with its Southington location.  Additional acquisitions and branch office openings are in the works for months to come. Lamacchia Realty is licensed in 6 states including Florida, but also serves buyers and sellers with international and global relocations through its membership to the exclusive invite-only network Leading Real Estate Companies of the World .