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Lamacchia Hires Full-Time Business Systems Engineer

October 23, 2017 – Waltham, MA- Lamacchia Realty brings on John Remby full-time as their in-house business systems engineer.  John joins Lamacchia to further develop the custom software from which Lamacchia Realty runs the company and agents run their businesses.  

“The chance to work with the enthusiastic and fun-loving team at Lamacchia was something I couldn’t pass up. With technology being a core component of Lamacchia’s mission, I hope to elevate Lamacchia’s Salesforce system to the next level. Improved usability, new features to make day-to-day functions easier and more streamlined, and a higher level of support for our agents are just a few things I hope to accomplish.” – John Remby, Business Systems Engineer

A graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Management Engineering, he has functioned in a multitude of business analyst positions with an emphasis on business intelligence. In 2014 he co-founded his own consulting firm where he worked with Lamacchia as a client and was instrumental in building out the company’s Customer Relationship Management system for three years.

“I’m very excited to have John on board in-house working with us day-to-day, as he has done a great job with our system and will now be able to take it to a higher level.” -Anthony Lamacchia, Owner Lamacchia Realty

The company began in 2013 to heavily invest in the massive undertaking of designing and building their custom CRM to handle business from lead until after close of a transaction.  This system boasts cutting-edge mobile capabilities not only to run the company but also, so agents can run their business from the road.  This custom Lamacchia Realty CRM has enabled agents to better address their client’s needs and boost time management.

“I am thrilled that John is now part of our company.  We have been working hand-in-hand for the past three years customizing our CRM.  His knowledge and skill set are impeccable, and I am beyond excited to continue working with him to make our system the best one possible for our agents and staff.” -Sarah Chaisson, Vice President Lamacchia Realty

With plans to increase the system’s productivity and functionality, having John on board full-time will speed up the development process and give Lamacchia agents and staff access to its newer features sooner.  Click here to watch our Get More Organized video to learn more about our Custom CRM.