Our Custom CRM

The homepage allows agents to easily view a snapshot of their calendar events and open tasks.

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A calendar allows the agent to keep track of their daily appointments and obligations.
Custom reports and dashboards are available to show all of the lead and client information in one place.
Our CRM tool has a mobile app which gives agents the ability to make CRM updates on the go.

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As Lamacchia Realty experienced significant growth in 2013 and 2014, it became clear that there wasn’t a client relationship management system (CRM) available to best serve the company’s expanding needs. Anthony and Sarah wanted to find a CRM that would manage client relationships from the very beginning until long after the close of a deal and one that would also better track data and tasks for agents in the interest of time management.

In 2014, the company invested heavily and took on the massive project of building a custom Lamacchia Realty Client Relationship Management system to handle business from LEAD until after CLOSE.  As the field of real estate transitioned into a mobile business, it was imperative that the customized system offered cutting-edge mobile capabilities.  Agents and company management could then run business just as efficiently from the road as they could from the office.

Round the clock access to client management has overwhelmingly benefited Lamacchia Realty’s agents and clients.  Once a client lead comes in, it is automatically entered into the agent’s CRM account and alerts them via email.  The agent is then able to click to call from their phone and call the lead right away.  With just a click of a button, the agent is able to use email automation to stay in touch with the lead as well as send out a meeting invitation with all the pertinent details.  Agents are able to then stop the automation with a click of a button should the need arise.  Calendar syncing occurs between the agent’s phone and their CRM account so agent’s schedules are always up to date. Transactional documents and custom reports are accessible for the agent to use.  Everything related to a client is stored in one place and follows the client throughout the transaction from lead to close.

Agents love our CRM because it saves them time by having everything in one place.  The mobile app’s functionality is efficient and agents can update all client information while they are on the road. The feedback on our CRM is that it is the best one out there; time management is the most effective tool to help agents sell more homes each year.

Anthony continues to work hard with his leadership team to consistently find ways to improve this system.  As the company expands and evolves, so does the way client relationships are managed and maintained.  To best serve clients and to help agents strengthen business building strategies, the Lamacchia Realty CRM is constantly being reviewed and analyzed so improvements can be made as needed in real time.

View our Get More Organized video and learn more about why our Custom CRM helps agent success.