Lamacchia Realty is excited to share that Genevieve Botelho is the #1 Agent in 2020 for Most Sales and Highest Volume in the Worcester office. In 2020, Genevieve had an impressive 56 sales and over 17.4 million in sales volume.

“To say I’m proud of Genevieve would be an understatement. Over two and a half years ago Genevieve decided to change her daily habits and run her business with more consistency and look at what has occurred.  She is very focused and does a very good job for her clients despite growing her business each year.  She’s not only a wonderful Realtor but a great mom to her two lovely daughters and a great leader within our office. I love having her as part of our organization.”  –– Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner Lamacchia Realty

Genevieve joined Lamacchia Realty in 2014 and In just 12 months, she grew her business by a whopping 1,200%! She is a consistent top producer, being named a monthly top agent in the Worcester office and throughout the company. in 20182019, and 2020 Genevieve earned a spot in the Lamacchia Realty President’s Club, and in its inaugural year, she qualified for President’s Club ELITE for closing over 50 homes this year! Genevieve puts her heart and soul into the work she does and works so hard to help her clients reach their goals. She was also named the #1 Agent in Total Sales and Highest Sales Volume in the Worcester office in 2019.

“Genevieve is a force to be reckoned with! She continues to impress every year. Her clients adore her and for very good reason. She is very passionate about her clients and making sure they achieve their goals. I’m excited to see what 2021 has in store for Genevieve!” – Jackie Louh, Vice President of Business Development

To learn more about Genevieve, click here: Genevieve Botelho