It was announced last week at the company-wide staff meeting that Cole Gargaro has been promoted to Marketing Manager for Lamacchia Realty.   Cole began her career at Lamacchia Realty as Marketing Coordinator in June of 2016, then she joined the Management team in August 2019 as Design and Content ManagerAfter spending so much time developing the brand, managing content for Lamacchia Realty’s blog, and generating the monthly and annual housing reports, she learned more about the customer, and how the shifting market can impact their needs.   

As Lamacchia Companies expands their offerings with property management and national real estate training, there became a need to have a dedicated person to run Lamacchia Realty specific marketing since that is by far our biggest company. It was clear at this time that the person who was most qualified that knows the brand, understands the clients, and can run the daytoday is Cole Gargaro!   

She is a leader and one who knows how to organize and improve processes.  I have no doubt she will rise to this occasion and exceed our expectations; she always has with any task she has been handed. Lindsay Favazza, Vice President of Marketing, Lamacchia Companies.  

I’m fully dedicated to stepping into this role of Marketing Manager and overseeing our next level marketing team for this unparalleled company.  We are all here to provide top notch resources for both our agents and our clients as they work towards reaching their goals. I’m thrilled with this new responsibility and I’m continued to be amazed by the group of leaders I’m honored to be working with.” – Cole Gargaro, Marketing Manager, Lamacchia Realty 

Cole has always been obsessed with the brands look and feel and making sure that everything is consistent to keep the image of the company at the highest level. She has always had a natural eye for design but the thing that makes Cole perfect for this role is her deep knowledge of how the market works and her organizational capabilities.  

During her 5 years here, she has improved many processes in the department and has continued to stay involved in more than just the design and collateral.  So now she will have a team that will report to her on all tasks associated with the brand and she will focus on keeping a close eye on the seasonal marketing messages, overall communications, and will continue to uphold the Lamacchia brand.  

“Cole is awesome, and she is the right person to oversee the day to day of Lamacchia Realtys massive and aggressive marketing efforts. She came in shortly after Lindsay over 5 years ago and together they have built the best marketing team in Real Estate.  These changes to the daily operations of our marketing department will only make them better, stated Anthony Lamacchia, CEO, Lamacchia Companies. 

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