Lamacchia Realty is happy to share that long-time Realtor Amie Balchunas will be joining the new Florida office. Amy started working with Lamacchia Realty back in 2017 before moving to Fort Lauderdale. She will be one of two lead agents who will be working hand and hand with Anthony and the Leadership team to make the Florida office a big success. They will join Lamacchia Realty in properly servicing all of the buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and Realtors all over South Florida. 

Amie has vast experience across many Real Estate Markets after more than 11 years in the business. She started in real estate in 2009 in Worcester, MA by doing short sales and foreclosures before transitioning into the luxury residential market in Boston’s prestigious Back Bay.  In 2017 she first made the move to Lamacchia Realty where she grew her business by 400% in her first year!  

After a year of visiting south Florida and spending some winters there and always dreaming of living in the warmer climate, Amie made the move to Fort Lauderdale in the summer of 2019. By the spring of 2020, Amie missed the supportive atmosphere, extensive training, and all the tools and services offered by Lamacchia Realty.  This past spring, she and Anthony began talking about the idea of Lamacchia opening down there.  Amie was the one who got Anthony to do it!  

“I am so excited to be bringing our company into the South Florida market and I feel very fortunate to have Amie there as a leader and the eyes and ears on the ground.  Having someone who has been with our company for several years, to help us spear head this initiative is a wonderful thing.  Amie is one of the most likeable people I have ever met and that’s why she has already built up a sphere of influence down there.  She is also hardworking, honest and trustworthy person who is very much dedicated not only to her career but her clients and our company and I appreciate that. I know we will have great success together down there” Anthony Lamacchia, Broker/Owner

I am so excited to have Amie back with us here at Lamacchia Realty. She was an incredible Realtor with us when she lived in Massachusetts so to be opening down in Florida with Amie as a leader is very exciting!  I know she will continue to grow her business down in Florida, like she did with us in MA.  – Jackie Louh, Vice President of Business Development, REALTOR®

“I am beyond excited Lamacchia Realty has chosen Fort Lauderdale for the new Florida location. One of the best moves I’ve made was joining Lamacchia Realty in 2017 where I improved my business the first year by 400% working with buyers, sellers, and investors in New England, where I am also licensed. Now buyers and sellers here have the opportunity for Lamacchia serve them and experience why customers LOVE the home buying and selling experience with Lamacchia Realty.” – Amie Balchunas, Broker Associate, REALTOR®

Amie’s commitment to holding herself to a high set of standards with integrity and dedication to her clients, coupled with her extensive knowledge of the real estate market, is what sets her apart from the rest. Her passion for analytics and tactical reasoning for our evolving market is what makes her a true asset to her clients! 

Agents with all kinds of experience join Lamacchia Realty due to its unparalleled training and coaching,marketing power, and innovative customer management capabilities.  To learn more about what Lamacchia Realty has to offer agents, click here. To learn more about Amie, click here.