The winner of the 2022 Employee Referral Award Winner is Michelle Wesson! This is the second year in a row that Michelle has taken home the award for referring the most buyers and sellers into the company who then get referred out to our REALTORS. Michelle is a Success Guide at Lamacchia Realty, focusing on helping agents grow their business! With years of experience in the industry under her belt, Michelle has a vast knowledge of the market and what it takes to achieve success in the business. In fact, in 2022 Michelle was inducted into the 2022 RACM Board of Directors!

“Michelle has done a wonderful job continuing to nurture and care for her sphere of influence and past clients. Even now that she is on the staff side of the company helping us grow and teach other agents. Michelle is one of the best realtors I’ve ever seen. She still carries on those traits even though she is now a Leader in the company instead of a Realtor who is out selling homes every day. I’m excited to have you with us in the Bahamas for the President’s Club trip. Congrats Michelle on winning this award once again!”
“Not surprised to see Michelle win for the second year in a row. I'm excited for her to celebrate in the Bahamas along with our agents who she not only sends so much business to, but also works day in and day out to support!”
Being able to bring business to the company and to our REALTORS is extremely important to me to make sure we can all be as successful as possible!

The winner of this prize is also invited to the annual  President’s Club trip to the Bahamas in October

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