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Summer Sales Contest Was A Success

Back in June at Lamacchia Realty’s monthly company meeting, Anthony Lamacchia announced a Summer sales contest to motivate and reward agents who are selling throughout the summer. The contest was a huge success!

This past weekend, agents who achieved a certain number of sales between July 1 and August 31 had a day of food, fun and celebration at Foxwoods Resort & Casino.

Congratulations to AJ Bruce, Angela Harkins, Bernard Aaron, Corrie Carbone-Patricelli, Darlene Umina, Deanna Faucher, Diane Mayo, Eileen Doherty, Frank McManus, Genevieve Botelho, Gerry Bourgeois, Joselin Malkhasian, Kip LeBaron, Kristen Meleedy, Laurie Howe, Leslie Storrs, Lisa Durant, Matt Czepiel, Mike Bannister, Michelle Wesson, Paul Cervone, Rosalee DiScipio, Ryan Mirisola, Shauna Fanning, Patricia Kosiba, Kim Beaulieu, Meghan Casagranda & Amy Annunciata

Lamacchia often has various contests and prizes for agents every year like its review contest which rewards with a trip to Las Vegas, its Leading RE Outgoing Referral contest which also rewards with a trip to the annual Leading RE conference in Las Vegas, its more recent Facebook video contest, and the most sought-after President’s Club which celebrates in Aruba!

There is no other company that offers its agents such real skill-building “in the trenches” training than Lamacchia and their support for their agents and their company culture is unmatched.

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