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Sarah Hatch Promoted to Inside Sales Manager and Director of Relocation

Wednesday, January 8thAnthony Lamacchia announced at Company Updates that Sarah Hatch is the company’s newest addition to its Leadership Team as Inside Sales Manager and Relocation Director. Sarah first joined Lamacchia Realty in early 2016 as a receptionist and Administrative Assistant supporting the sales team. She obtained her real estate license that summer, and it quickly became obvious to management that her quick wit and good nature on the phone with everyone would make her a perfect fit for Inside Sales advising buyers and sellers. By fall of 2016, she had started her new role and flawlessly exceeded even the highest expectations and thrived as an Inside Sales Advisor talking mostly to sellers who called off of the companies well known tv ads.

By the winter of 2017 Sarah began to get involved in the company’s growing Relocation business and became the official Relocation Coordinator as she assisted any and all buyers and sellers who needed the relocation services when moving anywhere in the country. She worked hand in hand with the Relocation Director and helped the company significantly grow its presence within the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network.  She has also attended all of the major relocation events across the country over the last couple of years such as the Employee Relocation Council Conferences along with other Leading RE conferences.  She was on stage with Anthony and the company’s then Relocation Director Lauren Chalmers to receive the Fast Tracker award at the annual Leading Real estate Companies of the World conference in early 2018.  After Shane Bronson Joined as Vice President of Relocation in September 2018 and relocation business took off to a higher level Sarah continued to effortlessly juggle inside sales and played a major role in propelling the company forward by taking care of relocation clients from near and far.

Sarah excelled in her relocation work and it became clear that she was a natural fit to handle such a delicate and valuable aspect of the business that the company has been investing heavy in since 2016 when it joined Leading RE. She oversees all incoming and outgoing referrals from the Leading RE network, Relocation management companies, and other corporate client referrals by helping clients who are relocating in or out of the area. Sarah plays a crucial role in ensuring clients make the smoothest transition possible in what can be a very stressful situation.

“Back when Sarah started it was clear to many of us very early on that she would rise up in the company.  She is not only very good at everything she gets involved in, but she is also a leader among the staff and now widely known in the relocation arena across the country.  This is a very well-deserved promotion. I am excited to see her take on more responsibility as that department grows,” stated Anthony Lamacchia.

In her new role as Relocation Director and Inside Sales Manager, Sarah will continue to do much of the work she already does while taking on more responsibility and helping to propel the Relocation Department and take it to the next level as it hires more staff in the months to come. Sarah’s vast knowledge of the industry and experience with the company makes her a perfect fit for this new role where she will be working directly with the Vice President of Relocation, Shane Bronson and the companies Vice President of Sales, Dave Karoly.

“There are no words to express the amount of excitement I have for Sarah to receive this opportunity. She has been an integral part of the rapid growth in the relocation department since its inception and there is no one who deserves it more than her. Sarah is the foundation that keeps our department running smoothly and with her taking on more responsibilities we are sure to keep growing.” – Shane Bronson, VP of Relocation

“Whether they are moving down the street or across the country, Sarah has been the first contact for many of our clients.  In this very stressful time, she does an excellent job setting our clients down the road to success and ultimately achieving their goals.  Both our clients, and the agents ultimately assisting them in their journey, are very lucky to have Sarah working extremely hard on their behalf.  As she continues to grow within our company, I am sure Sarah will continue to provide her expertise and level of professionalism as she excels in her new role.” – Dave Karoly, VP of Sales

“I am so excited and honored for my new role as Inside Sales Manager and Relocation Director.  I am so fortunate to have been able to grow in my position and am so thankful for this opportunity. Moving can be a stressful time for many clients, whether it’s down the street or across the world. I look forward to taking helping lead us to a much higher level in the relocation arena and continuing to connect clients with the best agents to make their moves as seamless and stress-free as possible, no matter where they’re headed!” – Sarah Hatch

Lamacchia Realty became a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World in 2016, marking the beginning of the company’s intensive focus and dedication towards relocation. Since 2016, the company’s relocation business has grown over five times and continues to assist clients in relocating in or out of Massachusetts on almost a daily basis. Because of this organization, Lamacchia Realtors can regularly assist their clients with buying and selling homes both nationally and internationally.


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