Lamacchia Realty prides itself on its family-friendly, fast paced and fun office culture, and to ensure employee satisfaction, all twenty of the full-time staff members engaged in a third party anonymous survey about their positions at the company.

“The company wants to help everyone to build careers worth having and to see everyone succeed both professionally and personally at a very high level. Everyone cares about each other and offers support when necessary. There is an inclusive culture and people really enjoy working together.” -Anonymous quote, staff member of Lamacchia Realty

95% of employees who took the survey were considered engaged, highly favorable advocates with intentions to stay.  When surveyed, the senior leaders of the organization scored 100 as they valued the staff as the resource of the utmost importance, a key element in strong employee engagement.

The survey consisted of multiple choice, sliding scale, and open-ended questions.

When asked to describe the environment, staff members used the words fun, friendly, innovative, supportive, challenging, energetic, engaging, exciting, motivating and professional.

Below is a list of the top ten highest rated responses from the survey results.  These responses earned 100% from staff members when asked about their opinions of the company’s future, fairness, leadership, team oriented environment, and commitment.

Below are two anonymous quotes from staff members of Lamacchia Realty:

“The most important part of my development has been the recognition by my superiors that it’s happening. The leadership team recognizes people for their hard work and dedication and that makes everyone here, including myself, want to continue to grow and develop their roles in the organization.”

“The leaders build trust through communication, excellent training, and support. They listen and share best practices and I know they have my back.”

Categorically, the company rated very high in various areas such as manager effectiveness, team dynamics, and trust in leadership, among others.


“Over the years I have worked very hard to make Lamacchia Realty a place that people want to come to work. It was touching to see that our employees feel the way they do.  They work so hard and are so dedicated that I really cannot thank them enough. I truly enjoy working with them all!” -Anthony Lamacchia, owner, Lamacchia Realty

The members of Lamacchia Realty surveyed were full-time employees only so click here to see what agents have to say.

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