See how our agents feel about being a part of Lamacchia Realty and how joining the company has affected their lives.

“I’ve done more transactions this year, have more income and I’ve had more time off.”   – Angela Harkins

“Really what helps us succeed, I think, is Anthony’s drive to see us succeed.” – Darlene Umina

“I just like that the possibilities are endless here!” – Alyssa Spear O’Grady

“Being a real estate agent is not just about selling homes.  It’s about building relationships with clients and helping manage client’s needs and expectations throughout the home buying process.” – Joselin Malkhasian

“With Lamacchia, your career can go as far as you want it to go, you’re the only one who can limit yourself but you have everything you need for your career to succeed.” – Jill Kosiba

“The prior year I think I sold 5 homes and in the first year at Lamacchia, I sold 16 homes, I believe.  It’s looking like this year, I’ll be closing on 30 home sales.” – Michelle Wesson