Lamacchia Realty announces ‘Top 5 Producing Agents’ Program

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Top 5 Q1 2017


Waltham, MA – Lamacchia Realty, Inc. has begun recognizing their “Top 5 Producing Agents,” as of April 2017!  Those who make the monthly Top 5 Producing Agent list will be announced through the Lamacchia Realty social media platforms as well as through a press release published on

To initiate this program, the Company will recognize the agents with the top five highest transaction numbers or sales for the first quarter of the year; subsequent winners will be announced monthly thereafter.

The first official winners of the Top 5 are Michelle Wesson, Joe Pinto, Darlene Umina, Angela Harkins, and Alex Montalto.

Michelle Wesson has been a REALTOR® since 2004 and joined Lamacchia Realty in 2014. She has seen substantial career growth and in the first quarter of 2017, she closed 11 sales.  She talks about this growth and success in one of our Get More videos filmed last year. Click here to watch this video or to learn more about Michelle and read her bio click here: Michelle Wesson.

Joe Pinto has been a REALTOR® since 2014 and started his career at Lamacchia Realty.  He is one of our top producing agents and provides bi-lingual services to Portuguese speaking clients.  In the first quarter of 2017, he closed 11 sales.  To learn more about Joe, click here: Joe Pinto.

Darlene Umina has been a REALTOR® since 2007 and decided to join Lamacchia Realty in 2014. Darlene serves the Metro-west area and sold just under $20 Million in properties in 2016. In the first quarter of 2017, she closed 11 sales.  Last year Darlene was a part of the company’s Get More campaign where she discussed her experiences and why she loves being a part of this company. Click here to watch her Get More video and to learn more about Darlene, click here to read her bio: Darlene Umina.

Angela Harkins has been a REALTOR® since 2001 and built her own team back in 2008.  She became affiliated with Lamacchia Realty in July of 2015 and she covers Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.  In the first quarter of 2017, she closed 11 sales.  Angela has really loved her time with Lamacchia Realty and last year took part in our Get More video testimonials where she described how working here has helped improve her work life balance and has improved her sales.  Click here to watch her Get More testimonial or to learn more about Angela and read her bio, click here: Angela Harkins.

Alex Montalto has been a REALTOR® since 2012 and joined Lamacchia Realty in 2010 where he worked as an agent on the staff side of the company and was involved in over 800 sales over a five-year period.  Two years ago Alex began working on his own book of clients and has done nothing but excel ever since. In the first quarter of 2017, he closed 10 sales. To learn more about Alex, click here: Alex Montalto

Lamacchia Realty is steadfast in enriching agent success with weekly company-wide training and coaching sessions as well as by recognizing outstanding agent performance.  As a full-service Real Estate Brokerage, they serve all of Eastern and Central Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and more recently Rhode Island.  Although they are based in Massachusetts, they are a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® which means they can further help refer and close transactions throughout the country and the world.