Selling a home can be quite an adventure! While you’re busy strategizing how to get the best bang for your buck, don’t forget about the little things that can make a big difference. Let’s face it, nobody wants to walk into an open house only to be hit by strange smells or a bunch of pesky little repairs that’ll just eat up their first weekend in their new home. The ultimate goal is for potential buyers to walk in and be blown away, imagining all the memories they’ll create in this fabulous space. So, to prepare your property for sale, and make sure it makes an excellent first impression, here are some super easy fixes that you can tackle in just one day.

1. Replace Outlet & Light Switch Cover Plates: A Simple Upgrade for a Fresh Look

It might seem like a silly fix, but when a potential buyer enters a room and notices missing or broken cover plates on outlets and light switches, it can leave an unfavorable impression of the property’s overall condition. If the seller hasn’t tackled a small project, such as replacing the cover pates, what other big issues can’t be seen?  Before taking listing photos or hosting showings and open houses, devote some time for a walkthrough of your home and make note of any missing or damaged cover plates. Replacing them is quick, easy, and affordable and will ensure you won’t miss out on a potential sale because of a silly mistake.  

2. Add Style and Functionality to Your Home by Hanging Blinds and Window Treatments

More often than not, the blinds and window treatments in a home are part of the contract when a home is purchased, and the last thing a buyer wants to deal with after they move in is to enter the home without any blinds or window treatments. If this isn’t properly outlined in the contract, this can result in a lot of unnecessary back and forth between the buyer and seller, and a contentious issue like this can threaten the entire deal. If there are windows in your home that need blinds, it’s safer to replace them prior to hosting open houses and accepting offers. The project can be completed on a budget and it’s one less thing to worry about in the future.  

3. Remove Odd Smells and Enhance the Home’s Environment

When prospective buyer enters a home for a viewing, they don’t want to be met with smells of your animals, laundry, or your dinner from the night before. Be prepared before a showing and create a home scent that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.  

How to fix odd smells:
  • Freshen up the fridge by throwing away leftovers and expired condiments. A box of baking soda will also help take care of any lingering odors.  
  • Bake some cookies! There’s nothing better than walking into a room and smelling freshly baked cookies (or any baked goods for that matter!). Before a showing, bake a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies and leave them on a platter for the potential buyers. Not only will the room smell good, but they’ll leave with a full stomach.  
  • Give your floors a good cleaning. This might seem obvious, but with your focus on selling your home and making sure it’s in tip-top shape, regular chores can get pushed to the back burner. Prior to a showing, mop your floors and vacuum any carpeting to keep your home smelling fresh. We also recommend doing a deep clean with a carpet shampoo machine two times a year to help get up any additional odors. 
  • You can’t go wrong with air fresheners or candles! Lighting some candles or plugging in an automatic air freshener is easy, affordable, and creates a long-lasting scent in your space.

4. Replace Dead Lightbulbs and Batteries: Brighten Up Your Home and Ensure Functionality

When a potential buyer walks through a home for the first time, they’re paying attention to every detail, even the small ones, to determine if the property is a good fit for them and their family. Replacing dead lightbulbs and batteries, as well as tightening loose handles, are all low-cost and quick fixes you can make for your home that instantly make it feel move-in ready. 

Small Details to Fix: 

  • Loose handles on interior and exterior doors 
  • Loose cabinet pulls and knobs 
  • Dead batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Mismatched paint in bedrooms, living spaces, and offices 
  • Light bulbs that don’t match 
  • Loose pieces of tile and backsplash 
  • Water pressure in the shower and faucets 

5. Enhance Your Home’s Exterior by Improving Your Curb Appeal

Having a home that looks welcoming before entering into it can change the way a potential buyer sees your home. If it’s been a while since you’ve done some landscaping, now is the time!  

What to Focus On: 

  • Mow the lawn 
  • Lay fresh mulch
  • Add in new plants and flowers in the front of the home 
  • Power wash walkways and stairs  
  • Add a new wreath to the front door 
  • Clean the gutters

By focusing on small but impactful changes such as replacing outlet cover plates, replacing dead lightbulbs, and sprucing up the yard, sellers can significantly enhance the appeal of their home when the time comes to put it on the market. These easy fixes not only make the home more attractive but also signal to buyers that the property has been loved and well taken care of. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make potential buyers feel at home the moment they step in. With these tips, sellers are one step closer to securing a successful sale. Talk with a local expert Lamacchia Realty agent today to learn about all the ways you can enhance your property and get the most bang for your buck!