As spring comes to a close, many potential sellers may be considering the idea of listing within the next few months. If this sounds like you, don’t wait too long! To gain a competitive edge in this market, be proactive and prepare to list your house for sale this summer. We will see the real estate market start to heat up as summer approaches, making it the perfect time for sellers to take advantage. To beat the competition from other sellers, and make sure your home gets the most visibility from buyers, and therefore more potential offers, keep these tips in mind to sell for the most this summer!

How to Keep Your Yard Looking Lush in Preparation for a Summer Sale

As outdoor entertaining is more prevalent in the summer, ensure your yard is in excellent condition. Keep the lawn groomed, water the plants, and add splashes of color with flowerpots or a garden bed. Well-maintained landscaping can actually add 15% to your home’s value, so don’t overlook the shrubs that need grooming! In addition, you should highlight your outdoor space for buyers, as it is truly an extension of your home! Any patios, decks, or outside living spaces should be freshened up to help purchasers picture themselves relaxing in the summertime sun.

Selling in the Summer: Utilize Natural Light!

Summer brings longer days and more light from the sun. Open the curtains and blinds to bring in as much natural light as possible. By doing this, you allow the sunlight to fill the rooms and illuminate the space. Natural light has a way of making a room feel brighter, more vibrant, and more inviting. A well-lit home feels welcoming, cozy, and comfortable, which can leave a positive and long-lasting impression during showings. By doing this, you create a more enjoyable environment that can help buyers envision themselves living in your home.

Keep Your Home Fresh, Clean, and Clutter-Free for a Successful Summer Sale

In your home, odors like those from cooking or sweaty workout gear are more likely to linger over the summer. Candles, air fresheners, or even fresh flowers can help keep your house smelling good. In any market, a tidy and uncluttered home is necessary for a good showing. Stage the home by clearing out unnecessary furniture and décor- make it clear what the purpose is of every room but leave plenty of walking space and a sense of openness. Additionally, your expert REALTOR® will also be able to offer staging advice.

Making Repairs and Updates When Selling During the Summer

The summer months are ideal for completing any home improvements or repairs. This can even raise the value of your home and boost its appeal to potential purchasers. Clean gutters, clear out your attic or basement and touch up paint in the house as well as outside. If you have some extra time and a knack for creativity, there are plenty of DIY home projects you can do in a weekend! Even something as simple as redecorating a room, replacing a faucet, or buying a new mailbox can bring additional value to your home without spending too much time and money. If you’re looking to take on a more complex project, be sure to do your research on home renovations so you can properly plan and budget your new upgrade.

Attract More Buyers this Summer by Depersonalizing Your Space

When prospective purchasers come to view your property, their ultimate goal is to envision themselves not just visiting, but actually living there. To do this successfully, it is important to present them with a blank canvas upon which they can be inspired to brainstorm décor and ways to add their own personal flare to the space. By consciously removing personal items, such as family photos or personalized decorations, you create an environment that doesn’t feel like stepping into someone else’s home. This approach allows potential buyers to fully engage with the possibilities and potential of the property, forming a genuine connection and sparking their imagination.

Price Your Home Competitively for the Summer Market

Remember to price your home appropriately since the summer might be a competitive season for home sales. With the help of a reliable REALTOR®, decide on the right selling price for your home.  Your agents will discuss recently sold properties in your area, also known as comps, and other factors that will help determine a price to attract the most buyers possible!  The more buyer interest, the more likely you’ll have multiple offers on the home which is a great thing!

A Summer Sale Means Making Sure Your Air Conditioning is Up to ParAir conditioner on wall

A hot, stuffy house is one of the biggest turnoffs for prospective buyers in the summer. Before you place your home on the market, be sure your air conditioning and other HVAC appliances are in good operating order. If your air conditioning system is in need of maintenance, you can talk with your real estate agent for recommendations on HVAC professionals!  If you don’t have AC, consider having ceiling fans installed in place of lights. This will circulate the air and be a great selling point for potential buyers!

Make the Most of a Summer Sale by Working with a Real Estate Professional

Selling a house can be a challenging and frustrating process. However, you can make it easier and less stressful by teaming up with a reliable real estate expert. By working with a local Lamacchia Realty REALTOR®, you can guarantee a simple and stress-free selling experience. Our experienced team keeps up to date on market trends, pricing strategies, and effective marketing techniques that can help maximize the value of your property. With our support, you can navigate the journey of selling a house and achieve a successful sale that exceeds your expectations.