September 27, 2019 – Lamacchia Realty is very excited to announce Darlene Umina has made President’s Club for the third consecutive year.  She was the first member included in the President’s Club in 2017 as well as being the first to make it in 2018 as a group. It was in 2018 that Darlene began to form her group with the help of her team member Nicole Siswick, and this meant that she had to achieve an even higher level of sales in order to qualify. Last year Darlene finished the year #1 in sales volume with over $25 million in sales. This will be the third year in a row that Darlene has surpassed over 20 million in sales volume!

The Darlene Umina Group works with buyers and sellers all over Greater Boston and Metro West, and handles sales ranging from starter homes to properties priced well over a million dollars.

“I am so proud of Darlene and the business that she has built! Watching her grow her business every year, all while maintaining a high level of customer service for her clients, is admirable. I look forward to having fun with her and her husband in Aruba!” – Anthony Lamacchia

The Lamacchia Realty President’s Club was announced in 2017 where qualifying members are recognized in select marketing collateral throughout the year and will be sent on an all-expense-paid trip.  Members of the 2019 President’s Club, along with a portion of the Leadership Team and the Employee of the Year, will be vacationing in Aruba in Spring 2020.