Lamacchia Realty has some of the best real estate agents in the state of Massachusetts.  They couldn’t be the best if they didn’t have the strong support from our inside staff which is why we started the Staff Stars series.  Our Staff Star interviews will highlight a new staff member that goes above and beyond for the company, the agents and for our valued clients. Our first was Jacqueline Morse and this time around the award goes to Cole Gargaro!

Cole, when did you start at Lamacchia Realty?

I began working with Lamacchia when the logo needed to be redesigned for the company’s name change in summer 2015. After that, I worked as their free-lance graphic designer from home until I joined full-time in June 2016.

Describe your role within the company?

I handle all things design related.  I design all graphics and when the opportunity arises, I also have my hand in the interior design of our office spaces.  Along with ‘making things pretty,’ I have the task of creating and editing our blogs, housing reports, sending out our company newsletters, management of our Direct Mail portal, and maintaining the content and design of our website.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy designing in my free time as well!  I’m always figuring out ways to improve the aesthetic of the environment around me.  I have two feisty and adorable daughters who keep my husband and me on our toes when we are home.  We spend our time entertaining friends, raising our girls, and spending time at our family’s gym, the Nonantum Boxing Club.

What is your favorite project you have been a part of while at Lamacchia Realty?

Anytime I get to build a logo or design a space, I feel happy.  This type of project, for me, is the most rewarding because the end result stands the test of time.  It makes an impact on the company’s identity and helps create an environment for the staff and agents to enjoy.

What is the most important part of your job?

Maintaining the brand is absolutely essential.  I take this very seriously and act like a bouncer at times because I feel so strongly about it.  The Lamacchia Realty brand is the company’s fingerprint and protecting that is vital to our development and growth so that potential clients and future agents understand who we are, what we stand for, and how we intend to proceed as an evolving company.

How would you describe the culture at Lamacchia Realty?

Dedicated.  This is the type of place where we work together to help one another accomplish our goals.  The company gives everyone the tools to make that happen so we are dedicated to seeing the company move forward as well.

What other places have you worked and what about Lamacchia Realty is different?

I’ve been fortunate to work for great companies.  My first experience using graphic design was at FastSigns of Needham.  I learned there how graphics are used after they are designed which taught me a lot about the way graphics need to be formulated.  I then worked for Darby Road HOME, where I had the pleasure to work alongside the owner, Michelle Coppolo, in developing the brand and creating an identity for her home furnishings and design center.  I took what I learned from both of those companies and brought it here and the rest is history!

If someone outside of the company asked you if they should join Lamacchia Realty, what information or advice would you give them?

I’d ask them what they’re waiting for.  I’ve never looked back, and I don’t see why anyone else would.


We joke with Cole that because she does the graphic design for the company and manages the look of our brands that her job is to make us “look pretty”. While she does a make us look really pretty she does WAY more than that on a daily basis. From housing reports to blogs, from logos to interior design, Cole works so hard on a day to day basis and I can’t imagine life here without her! – Lindsay Favazza