Common Florida Home Styles


One thing is for sure – Florida has something for everybody. Whether you are looking for a condo with a waterfront view, a farmhouse with a huge yard for animals and agriculture, or a modern family home in the suburbs, Florida has you covered! Let’s take a look at some of the most common Florida home styles.

We are sure that some of these home styles will catch your eye and that you will soon want to buy a home or build one for yourself right here in the Sunshine State.

Mediterranean Architecture

You probably didn’t see this coming – Mediterranean architecture in America. But, it’s there, and it is one of the most common Florida home styles, according to Florida real estate updates. Homes that fit into this style are usually two-story family homes with ample square footage and luxurious features. The inside of the home is defined by an open concept on the first floor and all the bedrooms on the second. And the outside is very specific – it will remind you of a coastal villa somewhere in the Mediterranean.

You can recognize the homes with Mediterranean architecture by white brick, low-pitched roofs, raw iron and metalwork (on doors and windows), many balconies and patios, and lavish vegetation in the yard. Moreover, these kinds of homes always have a big yard and a place for several cars, making them perfect for large families.

Coastal Contemporary

There is something about the coastal contemporary style of homes that just reminds us of vacation. They give off a relaxing and soothing vibe. Maybe it’s because you can find these types of homes close to the water – they overlook the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, the Straits of Florida, as well as many lakes such as Lake Okeechobee, Crescent Lake, and many others. So, if you plan on moving to a property with a waterfront view, you’re most likely to move to a coastal contemporary home.

But, before you call your movers, it is important to find out something about these kinds of homes so that you can know whether they fit you or not. Namely, contemporary-style homes are quite modern. But, you will not see sharp edges here, no. You will see a gentle flow, different wooden and woven pieces, as well as many bright and muted colors

Victorian Architecture

Next on our list of the most common Florida home styles has to be the Victorian style. These are older styles of homes. Thus, they can be found only in more mature parts of Florida, such as in Tampa. But, just because this home style is considered older, it doesn’t mean that the houses themselves are also old! Most of them have been remodeled and filled with all the contemporary features a family (or an individual) may need. Of course, when buying a home in Florida, any kind of home, be sure to have it inspected just in case. According to the experts from State to State Move, a home inspection is a surefire way to avoid delaying your moving date.

But, let us go back to Victorian-style homes. When you look at a Victorian house, what you’ll see is usually a tall and slender building with big doors and windows. Another thing that is very characteristic of Victorian-style homes is their asymmetry – some parts of the house will be round, and some will be rectangle, for example.

Craftsman Bungalows

Craftsman bungalows are cheaper than other common Florida home styles simply because they are smaller! But just because they have smaller square footage doesn’t mean that they are tiny and crowded. Quite the contrary – they are very well designed and have no wasted space both inside and out. However, to be safe, a rule of thumb for any relocation is to declutter before moving into a new home. This is particularly helpful if you happen to be hiring movers to relocate you from an entirely different state to Florida’s capital to make this your new home. You’ll be dragging less stuff with you and into your new home, for starters. Second, you will significantly reduce your moving expenses.

Most of these homes don’t have a yard, but they have a front porch (usually with a swing). Moreover, the inside of the craftsman bungalows also has built-in furniture, a fireplace, and a lot of windows for natural light and for making everything appear bigger.

Ranch Architecture

And, we’ve reached the end! But we have saved the best for last. Nothing is more common than Ranch architecture when it comes to common Florida home styles. These types of homes are America’s staple. You can recognize these types of homes by having only one story – one story that usually stretches as wide as the property itself. Moreover, these ranch-style homes come with all sorts of amenities – pools, front and back yards, fences, jacuzzies, extra rooms, etc. Thus, to find that perfect ranch-style home for you, be sure to find a good agent. They are the only ones who can help you find your dream ranch-style home that suits your budget and all of your needs.

Besides having only one floor, ranch-style homes can be recognized for their:

  • spacious garages
  • big yards (accent is always on the backyard)
  • multiple bedrooms and bathrooms
  • open-concept spaces
  • large furniture

But, just as previusly said, they come with various amenities. So, be sure to explore all the options on the market when looking for this kind of home.

Hopefully, this selection of some of the most common Florida home styles helped you decide what kind of a home you want to live in. Or it helped you determine what kind of a home you want to build. All of them have pros and cons. But those pros and cons will depend on your lifestyle. So, evaluate everything before you make any decision.