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Zip Trip to the North End

This week our Zip Trip tour stops in the North End, Boston, MA. The event will be held from 6am-10am at the Christopher Columbus Park, located at the intersection of Atlantic Ave and Richmond Street in Boston, MA. Be sure to come visit our table and say hello to our agents!
Want to learn more about the North End, read all about this city below!

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North End, Boston Zip Trip

The North End is Boston’s oldest residential community; settled in the 1630’s. Although it’s a very small neighborhood, only 0.36 square miles, it has a population of 12,720, and nearly 100 establishments and tourist attractions. The North End is known for its Italian-American population and famous authentic Italian restaurants.


There are a total of 7,662 households in the North End, and the median home sale price is $561,333. The housing selection in the North End is outstanding, with many waterfront properties and upscale apartments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! The tightly knit neighborhood is filled with the charm and quaintness of the narrow, cobblestone streets, and an abundance of markets and restaurants. With public transportation, and short walks to Government Center and the Financial District, living in the North End is convenient and practical!


St. Anthony's FeastThe North End is full of art and theater. It is home to the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) and the Improv Asylum Theater. It is also home to six of Boston’s publicly accessible artworks; North End Library Mosaics, Paul Revere sculpture, Merchant Marine Memorial, Benjamin Franklin Tablet, Christopher Columbus sculpture, and the Massachusetts Beirut Memorial. A private art project is also occasionally open to the public and consists of framed portraits of Roman Catholic saints hung on a brick wall. The St. Anthony’s Feast occurs every summer and the streets fill with spectators to enjoy food, drinks and games.


Boston’s oldest continuously-run school is located in the North End, John Eliot Elementary School. The school was considered for closure due to poor performance in 2007, but between 2007-2011, the school instituted a successful improvement program. In 2012, the Eliot school was classified as an innovation school.

The North End is also home to St. John’s School; a private Roman Catholic school that has been open since 1873, and North Bennet Street School; which is a trade and craftsmanship school that was founded in 1885.


In the 17th century, the North Meeting House was built and run by Increase Mather. He was an influential and powerful figure who attracted residents to the North End. After the Mather house burned down, the Paul Revere House was constructed on site.

In the 18th century, the North End became a fashionable place to live. It was full of wealthy families, artisans, journeymen, laborers, servants, and slaves. Old North Church was constructed during this time and is the oldest surviving church building in Boston.

Old North Church North EndIn the early 19th century, the North End experienced a great deal of commercial development. The living conditions became over-crowded and a red-light district developed on Ann Street, also known as “Black Sea.”. Large groups of immigrants flocked to Boston and settled in the North End; beginning with the Irish, then Eastern European Jews, and Italians. This pushed the wealthier residents out and towards newer neighborhoods, such as Beacon Hill.


Many jobs can be found in the abundance of restaurants that are located in the North End. The North End is a great location for bartenders, hosts/hostess’, waiters/waitresses, chefs, and dishwashers! There is always a restaurant in need of help!

The economy continues to see profits in financial services, biotechnology, education, publishing, healthcare, and technology. It has also been a leading port worldwide, and home to one of the largest international shipping destinations to this day. The unemployment rate in the North End is 4.6%, however, the median income is $91,647.

Search Properties Currently Available in The North End

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