William Mahoney Named Lamacchia Realty’s Employee of the Month – April 2023

Behind the incredible REALTORS® of Lamacchia Realty is a team of over 75 staff members that work tirelessly to support, propel, and operate the independently owned brokerage. Each and every staff member plays an integral role in the continued success of the quickly growing company. Lamacchia Realty views its staff members in the highest regard, fostering the values the full service, value-based brokerage prides itself on. The Employee of the Month award recognizes a staff member each month that embodies the company’s mission statement, helping to guide agents, clients, and fellow staff members to their success.  

The Employee of the Month is voted upon by the Lamacchia Realty Leadership Team every month. The April Employee of the Month is William Mahoney.

William Mahoney, one of Lamacchia Realty’s Field Service agents has been recognized as the employee of the month for his outstanding contributions to the company. After several years of experience as an agent with Lamacchia, William joined the new Agent Field Services Team in 2021 and has played an important part in it’s development. He consistently goes above and beyond in his role, always with a smile on his face and a willingness to help others. William’s positive attitude and genuine kindness make him a pleasure to work with, and his colleagues often comment on his eagerness to learn and take on new responsibilities. Congratulations to William on this well-deserved recognition!

"William is such a pleasure to work with, and I am constantly hearing from Agents and Staff about how wonderful he is. William is extremely thorough, has great attention to detail, and is willing to help out anywhere and any way he can. A true Team Player that we are lucky to have on the team!"

The winner of each month is not only awarded a bonus in their next paycheck but also adds their name to the list of those eligible for the highly coveted Employee of the Year award. Moving forward, the Employee of the Year will be selected from one of the year’s monthly winners. The Employee of the Year is awarded an all-expense-paid trip to a tropical paradise with the company’s President’s Club winners from the same year!