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Why You Should Work with Us to Buy a Home

Hi I’m Anthony Lamacchia of Lamacchia Realty .

In this video we will talk about why you should work with us to buy a home.

One question you are probably asking yourself is….. Why should I work with Lamacchia Realty to buy a home?

There are many reasons but here is the first one…..we have been the number one agents in Massachusetts for the last two years.  Now, everyone likes to say they are number one but we actually back it up with our stats straight from MLS.  We have sold more homes than any other agents or teams in all of Massachusetts.  In addition to that we have listed more homes for sale than any other agents or teams. We even ranked pretty high in Southern New Hampshire.  Why should you care?….because that means we have more homes on the market in more cities and towns at a given time than any other agents out there.  This gives you priority access to all of them!

Second, it is very important to work with agents who have experience in today’s market!  Notice how I say today’s market.  There are a lot of agents out there who tout things like, “I have been in real estate for 20 years or I have been doing this since the early 80’s”. If you are a buyer that means nothing to you. All you should care about is how many homes they have helped buyers buy in the last few years.  The average agent sells 4 homes per year.  Our agents all average over 12 homes per year.  This gives them more experience than most of the other agents out there that you will find.  This alone should matter to you more than anything.

The third reason to work with our company is we train our agents to look out for the client more than other companies. We preach this to all of our agents all the time.  This level of integrity protects our buyers.  There are so many real estate agents out there who act like sales people and try hard to SELL people a house.  When we interview new agents if they even give us one indication that they are only about getting sales we do not hire them. In fact, if you work with any of our agents and ever feel that you are getting pushed into buying a house and they don’t seem to care about you but more about the sale, please call our office and ask to talk to one of us.  I can assure you this won’t happen!

The fourth reason is not one agent in our company is a part time agent; every agent works full time in real estate.  This is something to be careful with especially over the last few years because many agents cannot make enough of a living just selling real estate. This is NOT the case with our agents. They all work in real estate everyday and that is their only focus.

The last very important reason to work with us is our proprietary auto email system that sends you properties matching your criteria every day.  Don’t get us wrong, most agents out there have some sort of auto email system that they can connect their buyers to. But ours is a very advanced system that allows you to really zero in on what you are looking for and to learn more about the homes and areas you’re interested in.  In addition, it pulls every home on the market, including short sales, foreclosures, and fsbo’s.

That is why you should work with us to buy a home. Thanks very much for watching!

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