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Why You Should Get a Home Inspection

Doing a home inspection is a critical part in the home buying process for so many reasons.  In today’s market so many homes are being sold “as is.” This sometimes leads buyers to think there is no point in doing an inspection.  But they should not feel that way. A home inspection is NOT a tool to be used to intentionally re-negotiate the purchase price; but instead to know what to expect as a buyer. When you first look at a house if you see that the roof is old and needs replacing you should take that into account at the time of your offer NOT wait until after the inspection and bring it up to get the price down further.

Every home has essential structural and mechanical components that should be evaluated on behalf of the buyer by a professional in the field. A heating system is a great example of something in a home that could be working fine at the time of purchase but really be on its last leg.  This could lead to a huge, unexpected expense very soon after moving in. A typical buyer will not be able to see things like that, but a professional home inspector could tell you how old the system is and how well it runs or even an estimated timeframe of a system’s remaining life.

To recap we want to be clear that we do highly recommend buyers spend the money on a home inspection. The report alone is very much worth the cost. Many homeowners will look back at their report years later as a reference for various issues.

The last thing a buyer should have in mind after an inspection is to not get caught up on the little things.  For example too often a buyer will argue and sometimes even back out of a deal over something so small like a dishwasher that doesn’t work and the seller won’t replace it.  If you find out that it is not working at the time of the inspection and you ask the sellers to replace it and they won’t of course that is frustrating but is it really worth walking away from the home you want?  Think of it this way if the house you are buying is worth $300,000 is it worth it to back out over a $400 dishwasher?  Probably not.

That is all for Why you should get a home inspection, thanks very much for watching!

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