Remodeling your home to perfectly fit your Florida lifestyle is on everyone’s agenda when moving here. If you’re considering tacking remodeling projects, you’re in luck, as winter is the best time to remodel your home! Unlike northern states, where winter brings icy cold weather, and most people just want to stay inside and cozy up, Floridian winters are perfect for keeping up with an active life. Part of this vibrant life is working on your home. However, the question of “why is winter the best time to remodel” is layered. This is why we have decided to compile a short list of the main reasons for this. We hope this article will help you figure out the answer to the question above. 

Contractors are generally more available

In most of the US, spring and summer are some of the busiest seasons for remodeling contractors. This is why scheduling a consultation (let alone an entire remodel) during this time is almost impossible. A lot of frustration can come when trying to get in touch with a licensed contractor during peak season. However, this whole process becomes a breeze in the off-season of winter. Most contractors will either be free or have very few bookings, and consultation might even happen same-day. 

Experts from consumeropinion.org recommend finding a home warranty service before hiring any contractors. It’s a great way to ensure that if something goes wrong, or you find out things that seem like they were done well actually weren’t, you won’t be as financially affected as you would otherwise be. 

Off-season discounts

Continuing on the off-season topic, another answer to the “why is winter the best time to remodel” the question is that there are two main ways you can save money. Firstly, most contractors will offer some discounts during the off-season to keep the flow of job opportunities consistent. In short, contractors and construction workers need to work. And in order to get more commissions, they will usually reduce their price when there’s less work to do. 

Secondly, a more indirect way to save money is by remodeling your home in winter. There are many holiday discount periods in stores right before the season. You can use these discounts for stockpiling appliances in materials you’ll use during the remodel. For example, if you’re planning on a kitchen remodel, it’s wise to buy a new oven during Black Friday or even during Holiday sales. And then you can just have it ready when the construction crew arrives in winter. 

It's easier to get a permit

A sort of “byproduct” of contractors being busy during peak seasons like summer and spring is that government agencies that process the construction permits in Florida become backed up. This means getting a permit can take much longer than you anticipated. If the remodel you’re planning requires obtaining a permit, waiting to do it in the winter is probably the smartest move. Because government agencies have less work on their hands during this time, another great answer to the “why is winter the best time to remodel” question is that proper permits are usually expedited much faster.

Ideal weather conditions

To illustrate why the weather conditions in Florida winters are perfect for remodeling your home, let’s first explain what winters look like in Florida. First of all, the winter months are usually cooler and more bearable than the summer heat. And, secondly (and probably the most important), this time of year is less humid than the rest. The dry weather creates the perfect conditions for pouring concrete and woodworking. 

Of course, it’s natural for people to assume that winter is a great time for interior remodels. And while that is true, you shouldn’t forget that it’s also great for renovating the exterior of your home. Unlike some other parts of the country in Florida, winter brings less precipitation. This means that things like snow and rain usually won’t get in the way of your construction crew’s work. Winter in Florida is also a great time to work on hurricane-preparedness-oriented remodels, as winter is generally the off-season for hurricanes. 

Remodel time off-season can make everything go faster

You’ve probably heard about the rule of supply and demand in industries. And this rule doesn’t skip the remodeling and construction industry. During the spring and summer peak seasons, demand is high. This means that the availability of materials is lessened, and getting them can take longer. This can result in longer project timelines, more inconveniences, days where the crew can’t do anything because the materials haven’t arrived, etc. However, supply stays the same in the off-season, but the demand becomes lower. So, one of the answers to the “why is winter the best time to remodel” the question is that things can go a lot faster during this time. You might save some money, and there will be less inconvenience. 

In general, there is no difference in the cost of building materials during peak season and off-season. But you can count on the fact that the shorter wait time and the project being done quicker will save money. 

Keep tabs on the remodeling progress from afar

One of the few positive sides to the pandemic is that it has exposed us to the many ways the Internet allows us to stay connected. This means that through some of the video calling programs that have become more popular, you can follow along with the construction and remodeling processes remotely. In other words, you don’t have to shadow remodeling and construction crew all day!  

You can check their progress while out with friends, at work, or shopping. Make sure to utilize photos, texting, emails, phone calls, and video calls to adequately control the way the remodel is going from afar. In addition to this, it’s not a bad idea to install a home security system if you don’t have one. Just make sure to find the best system when choosing a home security system. And even if you already have one in place, technology has advanced so much in recent years. So while doing some remodeling, why not upgrade your security as well?  

To conclude...

We hope you’re now equipped with all the answers to the question of “why is winter the best time to remodel”. And that you realize how true it is that winter is the best time for remodeling in Florida. As a final closing tip, we recommend checking whether any remodel you plan on doing is approved by your HOA. Not being informed or going against the rules on purpose can lead to anything from angry neighbors to a lawsuit. So be smart about what you’re doing. In most cases, you’ll be fine, and the remodel will be greenlit. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.