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This page was set up as a resource for agents who want to learn more about the company’s very successful Offer Now Program.  It also acts as a great place to start when you have a client who is interested in the program.

A Message from Anthony about this program:

The biggest reason we launched and continue this program is that we acknowledge the desire that home sellers have to sell in the most convenient way possible.  No matter how much Realtors try to simplify the traditional home selling process, many sellers still continue to view it as a major undertaking.  Their attraction to the convenience of a Worry-Free Sale like this is really no different than consumers trading in their cars knowing they get less money but they still do it because it’s easier.  As a company, we are a brokerage first.  Selling homes for top dollar on the sellers’ behalf is and will always be our primary business.  This program is simply another option for us to offer to home sellers.

Let’s first take a look at what we as a company have out there publicly.  It is very important that you know what your friends, family, and prospects are seeing so you can better interpret their needs and goals.

If you haven’t already, look these pages over by clicking each button:

Now let’s look at who is more likely and less likely to accept an offer.

The Characteristics:

Although our Offer Now Program creates widespread intrigue and interest, there are certain characteristics that make some Sellers more likely to accept the offer than others.  After having spoken to, met with, bought, sold and listed so many homes since starting the program in late 2018, we have been able to more clearly identify these characteristics.

Below is a list of these characteristics to help you quickly determine who is…

More Likely to List the Property:

  1. Wants and/or needs the most money
  2. House is in nice condition
  3. House is well maintained
  4. They have the time to list it on the open market

More Likely to Take the Offer:

  1. They view listing a home for sale as being way more difficult than it actually is and you cannot convince them otherwise
  2. It’s an Estate Sale from heirs who don’t want the responsibility of the property
  3. Children who inherit a house and do not live locally
  4. Owner of the property does not live locally
  5. The property has fallen into disrepair
  6. Property has a failed septic system
  7. The property had occupants who were hoarders
  8. Owners are in some type of financial distress
  9. Closing in as little as 21 days is essential
  10. Older folks who need to sell fast once their unit at an assisted living or nursing home becomes available
  11. They’ve owned long enough that their equity allows them to accept a bit less for a quicker sale

The lists above should help you determine which way your Seller prospect is more likely to go.  The more characteristics a prospect has on the ‘Likely to Take the Offer” list, the better fit they are for the Offer Now program.  Explain their choices and guide them towards whichever selling method that is truly best for them.

Now that you have a better understanding of who is more likely to take the offer you are better armed to have an initial conversation with a prospect.

Someone you know is interested in the Offer Now Program…

This is good news!! But now what?

  1. Don’t be nervous or feel like you cannot offer it to them, because you can! The Offer Now Program is simply another option that YOU HAVE for a home-seller as they decide how they want to sell their home.
  2. Call the lead and have an open discussion with them about their goals and what they are trying to achieve like you would any seller. Remember to plug your marketing lines from training as you would with any other sellers.  Depending on their situation, advise them accordingly as you would any other seller telling them what you think is best for THEM.
  3. Toward the end of your conversation if they are still interested in the program, tell them you will email them additional info in your confirmation email. Try to book a listing appointment and remember to send a Home Sellers Kit as you normally would.
  4. When you hang up, send the “Offer Now Follow Up Email” (below on this page) and This way Angela Ravesi will make a note that its YOUR lead just in case they fill out a form on a page you send them.
  5. Once Angela sees your email, she will contact you within one business day to answer any questions you may have and give you all the necessary steps that you’ll need to complete in order for Mike McGrory to be able to give you an estimated offer.
  6. You will then do your traditional listing appointment and bring an Offer Now Seller Folder with you.
  7. If they are interested in the Offer Now option, then you will fill out the Offer Now Appointment Sheet and take photos of the home as listed in the Offer Now steps. Let the seller know these steps are necessary in order for Mike to be able to come up with an estimated offer.
  8. Before you leave you appointment with the seller, be sure to schedule a follow up appointment with them, preferably 3 days after your initial appointment. This follow up appointment will be for YOU to go back and present them with the estimated offer.
  9. Once you have gathered all the information necessary, you will email it over to Angela Ravesi via OneDrive. Angela will get all info over to Mike and he will call you to discuss the estimated offer.
  10. After you’ve presented the seller with the estimated offer and the sellers are still interested in moving forward with the offer after having a day to think about it, Mike will then schedule a visit to the property.
  11. Mike will talk to Anthony and, about 50% of the time, Anthony wants to see the property before the official offer is made.  In most cases, the official offer isn’t any different than the estimated offer, so there are rarely any surprises.
  12. Once the official offer price is confirmed and verbally agreed to, an offer is made- which is typically good for a week- along with a detailed disclosure and the seller is required to obtain their OWN legal counsel to review the offer and the disclosure with them. Once accepted, the closing gets scheduled.

In summary, this is just another option that Lamacchia Realty offers to enable sellers to choose how THEY want to sell.  The beauty of this program is that it creates a lot of intrigue and gets people asking about it – which creates more Seller Leads, both for the company and for our agents. We have found many agents getting leads from their sphere that they likely would not have received without this program being advertised.  The Offer Now Program is an exciting opportunity for sellers and agents!

Wondering How Much We Offer?

Our offers generally range from as low as 75% of value up to as high as 92%. More often than not its somewhere in the 80s.  

There are several factors to keep in mind:

  1. There is no commission or any type of fee for whatever we buy.  So, if we buy something for 92% of value, the seller is really only losing about 2-3%.
  2. We don’t require them to get a smoke inspection or update their smokes at all.
  3. We allow them to leave whatever they would like to in the property, so they don’t have to worry about doing any clean out.
  4. If the property is a quick flip like paint and maybe even floors, the offer will be higher.  If the property requires permitting and substantial renovations, that’s when the offer will likely be lower.
  5. Seasonality also has an impact. Homes sell for the most in the first half of the year, so we keep that in mind when we buy.
  6. We are very open and upfront with people that they are often able to get more money by listing it. Remember as we mentioned at the beginning, we are a brokerage FIRST.

Wondering How You Get Paid if You Provide the Lead to the Company?  Don’t Worry!

  1. If Lamacchia Development does happen to buy the property through the Offer Now Program, you will receive a straight (no split) $3,000 commission check from Lamacchia Realty.
  2. Once the home is ready to go back on the market, you not only get the listing back at 5% commission but it’s your listing on an Agent Split.

It’s that simple!

Finally, below you’ll find the suggested follow up email that you could send to your seller lead to give them additional information about this amazing program.

Follow Up Email from Agent to Seller Lead for Offer Now Program

To:  ______ (seller)



Dear______ (seller),


It was nice to talk to you about the potential of selling your home and our Offer Now Program.


As I explained, it’s a unique and one-of-a-kind program in all of New England that my company offers.  But as I mentioned, it’s a little bit different than a typical sale where I would be handling everything myself.  There will be some coordination with my office – with both the VP of Property Acquisitions and Development and sometimes even Anthony Lamacchia will visit the house.  But we can get into all of those details later.

In the meantime, I wanted to send you some information for you to learn a little bit more about the program between now and _______ (put in meeting date, next time we talk, etc.).


Here is the link to the original press release back when the program launched:

Press Release after their first purchase with comments from the seller:

Here’s the web page that people see advertised on the TV ad:

Here’s the more info page:


Let me know if you have questions after you learn more.

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