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Watch John and Anthony Offer Tips on Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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We’re heading into the home selling season, the peak season, the number of listings should skyrocket as we head into spring. So if you’re looking to sell, what things should you focus on to get your house ready and which projects are just a waste of time at this point you’ve got 30 days, what do you have to do? Our real estate experts Anthony Lamacchia and John McGeough of Lamacchia Realty are joining us this morning with some advice. First of all is it common for you guys to provide that as a service for someone who wants to list their home and you go through it with them and say do this paint that move this?

That’s right any professional agent should go through and really look for not only the blemishes but the things that are broken and broken is what we always focus on you know, fix that put a little money into that whether it’s plumbing, electrical, painting things like that which we can talk about.

All right so 30 days, projects you can get done in that time other stuff may be too time consuming. Let’s talk about things that absolutely have to be fixed what has to be addressed

Yes definitely well one of the things like John said anything you’ve been putting off, plumbing problems one of the other things we mentioned was a roof, if there’s a damaged roof, or somewhere it’s leaking, electric problems, you got a switch isn’t working or a plug that keeps tripping the circuit, get that stuff taken care of. Also safety issues you got a railing baluster loose, you go up to the second floor of the house and the railing is loose, get that stuff fixed.

You mentioned flooring there if you have some problems. If you have hardwood, should you get them redone, sanded, refinished?

Sanding them is very difficult if you’re living in the house because if the amount of dust  not only lasts months it’s unbelievable so I would say generally with the sanding no– but it doesn’t mean you can’t buff the floors

So sanding would be one of those wastes of time

Because you’re talking 30 days—so sometimes it might take 30 days just to get coordinated so sanding no. Most buyers now are comfortable envisioning flooring being done carpets being cleaned so you have to balance that between timing which is critical, right now as Anthony says quite often in the office, it’s only once, April and May, once a year you gotta focus on that too.

All right also you guys in terms of getting your house ready you’re big proponents of staging. Explain what that is and some things people need to do

Painting—you get a huge return on investment in painting, and it’s cheap and the difference that it makes is unbelievable. This year, I think curb appeal is more important than ever just because of the fact that there was this excessive winter freezing cold, sand—yesterday I swept my sidewalk in front of my house there was an inch of sand!

People are dying to see some spring


One thing about curb appeal is paint the door we always recommend. We’re big proponents of whether it’s a red door, black door, purple something to highlight the home.

First impressions here are very important

When John says paint the door it’s not just the color it’s also because the door gets banged up as the years go on, that’s the first thing they’re going to see when they turn the knob to go into this house. So make sure it looks nice.

Declutter? Too much furniture? What about pictures? People always say family pictures, well I’ve heard people say there’s 2 sides to that they don’t want to see your family, they want to imagine theirs yet at the same time they want to know that it’s a homey place.

That’s right. I’ll talk about declutter you talk about that homey picture piece. The decluttering should fall into 3 categories: one is it staying? Meaning the couch is going to stay when you’re showing the home. So there’s a pile up then it’s staying put. Number 2 which can be a big one: trash. Call a junk removal company. I’m not bringing that old rocker, I’m not bringing the broken bike, throw it out. And then 3 if you need to minimize: storage. The PODS of the world, get a little facility, it gets put off site, you’re putting a couple of things in it that may make the rooms feel bigger , make for better traffic  flow those are the three buckets.

Decluttering I was going to mention countertops. People have to say to themselves, what don’t I need? You’d be amazed at what you don’t need if they actually look at their counter and get rid of them.

Family pictures stay though?

What I usually say though is regular family pictures with a few on each wall is fine, if it’s excessive then no. I’ve been in houses where an entire wall is covered with pictures, or you walk up a stairway and there’s a picture every four inches, that’s a little much. I’d try to decrease them and if the holes show or are too big when you take the pictures down then plug up the holes.

And you guys have said before too sellers usually see stuff the buyers don’t and you can get nitpicky.

Yeah but that’s good they should get nitpicky. Also cleaning is the big one, it’s kind of obvious one, you know, clean it like you’ve never cleaned before because people are going to be coming and they are going to be picking apart the house they might not see every little thing that you will but this stuff is very important.

Set that timeline. 30 days which the segment is about when you get to that 30 days whatever you haven’t done –you’re done!


Because it’s more important to get it on the market and get it sold.

Peak season is coming John and Anthony, guys, thanks so much!


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