Want To Be Sellers

want to be sellers

Watch Anthony’s message about why NOW is the best time to list!

What are you most worried about?

We Have Solutions!

We have more buyers looking for homes than ever before. Our buyers are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to land the home they want!  This means you can negotiate all types of different scenarios with these buyers to help you get the equity payout you so desire while not ending up owning two homes or no home at all!

Options Include (but are not limited to)

  • Buyer waiting to close until you find what you want.
  • Buyer buys your home so you can have your money in hand to buy but they allow you to stay for free until you buy your dream home.
  • And MUCH MORE!

How Lamacchia Realty Will Help

We currently have thousands of buyers that are desperately searching for homes and in most cases are willing to close on your time line! This means that they will allow you to stay in your current house until you are able to find the home of your dreams. CALL 855-510-7653 today and we will get the plans in place to get you the most money and the best situation for you and your family!

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Worried about losing your low-rate mortgage?

If you are concerned about selling because you don’t want to trade in your low-rate mortgage for today’s current rates, click on the button below to learn about Mortgage Buydowns.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are one of over a million people across the country right now who feel the same way. We put together the video collection below to help guide you through each of these questions, concerns, and fears and hopefully ease all of them so you understand it is not impossible to sell your home in this market.

Worried about buying and selling at the same time?

Buying AND selling may seem impossible, but it CAN be done! Our REALTORS® have the expertise, experience as well as the tools and resources to make the sell/buy process as smooth and seamless as possible. If you’re worried about buying and selling at the same time, hear from some of our recent sell/buy clients who prove that buying and selling IS possible.


Don’t know where you would go if your home sells before you find a new home?

There are several ways to protect yourself to be sure that you can live in your home until you find the house you want.

Below is a list of methods:

Disclosing in MLS – You can put a disclosure in MLS that says, “Sale Is Subject to Seller Finding Suitable Housing”. This means just what it says; the seller will not go through with the sale until they find what they want. This was frowned upon by buyers years ago but now it is much more accepted due to the low inventory that we saw over the past few years. If a deal was made under these terms, this language would also make its way into the Purchase and Sales agreement.

Delayed Closing Date – Another method that gives the seller plenty of time to find a new home is to make the closing date as far out as possible. Sometimes buyers and sellers will agree to as much as a 4-month close. The normal timeframe is more like 2-3 months, but if a seller really needs the time to find what they want and the buyer is willing to wait, then there is nothing stopping anyone from agreeing to a longer timeframe.

Rent Back – This method has become more and more popular over the last two years. It is used when a seller actually needs to sell before they can qualify to buy. In that case, the buyer and seller would close on the home, so the seller can get their money, but the seller would stay in the home as long as they need until they find the house they want. The sellers then pay the new owner’s rent, or the fees are deducted from the sale price, for a previously determined amount of time.

There are additional methods which can be used when a buyer and seller make a deal- they can be as creative as they want and need to be. If both parties are flexible and work together it makes things a lot easier for sales to happen..

Not Finding the Home You Want?

Scared that you’re looking everywhere and can’t find the home you want? Guess what? You aren’t looking everywhere! Most search for homes on Zillow. Trulia and Realtor.com but those sites are not always the most reliable or up to date. There are better ways to look for homes and us Realtors have access the abundance of homes you won’t find online. At Lamacchia Realty we have a huge database that consists of the largest amount of off market properties than anyone else. We have a system called LamacchiaLinks that was made to match buyers and sellers together all while doing so off-market. 

Can we sell your home without Listing it?

Yes, we CAN sell your home without listing it! LamacchiaLinks is a proprietary database that helps do just that – sell your home off-market. This database confidentially houses all buyer criteria and public records of seller’s properties, matching buyers with homes that fit their criteria. This benefits their buyers who are looking for homes, and the latter; when clients are looking to sell, as many prefer to sell without listing. This creates matches between our buyers and sellers making it possible to have a transaction happen without ever having to list your home. 

Worried about having to move twice?

Many are worried they will have to move twice because they won’t find the home they want to buy. You don’t need to nor shouldn’t need to worry about that. There are certain protections we put into contracts and MLS to ensure you secure another property.