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New Hampshire Housing Loan

What Is a New Hampshire Housing Loan?

New Hampshire Housing is a public benefit corporation that promotes and supports affordable housing for New Hampshire residents. It offers a variety of mortgage programs with below-market interest rates, low down payments, and closing cost assistance. The First Mortgage Program allows first-time buyers to finance a home purchase with a low down payment at a 30 year fixed rate with 0 or 1 point options.

New Hampshire Housing also offers a program that helps homebuyers renovate fixer-upper homes. This Purchase/Rehab program allows for funds to go towards improvements to the property. Another program called the Voucher Assisted Mortgage allows very low-income families to purchase a home and use their Section 8 Housing Voucher as a portion of their monthly mortgage payment.

The New Production Initiative allows up to $20,000 per qualified buyer for down payment and closing costs associated with the purchase of newly constructed affordable housing when it is combined with a New Hampshire Housing first mortgage.

Homeowners who currently have a New Hampshire Housing loan can get an Emergency Home Repair loan if an unexpected large expense comes up, such as if the furnace breaks or septic system fails. They can qualify for up to $15,000 to go toward the repair or replacement of a system that affects the livability of the home.

What Are the New Hampshire Housing Loan Requirements?

To qualify for a New Hampshire Housing Loan, there are limits on your yearly income and the price of the home you will purchase. View the Income and Home Price limits for a New Hampshire Housing Loan. You also need to be a first-time home buyer, meaning you haven’t owned a home within the past three years. However, there are certain communities in New Hampshire where existing homeowners may still qualify, although your current home must be sold prior to closing on your new loan with New Hampshire Housing.

The 15 communities where existing homeowners can qualify are: Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Dover, Goffstown, Laconia, Lancaster, Littleton, Manchester, Newmarket, Pittsfield, Portsmouth, Rochester, Somersworth, and Whitefield.

Use our mortgage calculator to find out what your monthly mortgage payment would be.

Where Can You Get a New Hampshire Housing Loan?

We are not a mortgage company and we do not sell mortgages.  If you would like to contact a qualified mortgage company click here.

Visit the New Hampshire Housing website for more information.

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