Buying or selling a home is a major decision and the process can be quite stressful. Trying to buy or sell without the help of a professional might sound like a good way to cut costs, but you’ll likely end up losing money in the long run. Real estate agents are trained and experienced at negotiating for the client to get the most out of each transaction and to ensure each step of the process is done with great attention to detail. There are plenty of real estate agents to choose from but finding the right one for you is no small task. Follow these simple tips to find the best real estate agent for you during your buying or selling process!

Find Someone Who Will be Your Advocate

Your real estate agent needs to be passionate about advocating for you and your best interests. This means negotiating the terms of contracts, closing costs, home inspections, winning bidding wars, and so much more. It’s important to remember that you’re hiring a real estate agent to work for you, not the other way around. Their primary goal should be helping you achieve your end goal of buying or selling a home in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible

Review References

When you go to an interview, your potential employer asks for references from past jobs to get a better idea of what they can expect if they hire you. You should do the same thing before choosing a real estate agent! Ask for references from past clients and use the internet as a tool to read reviews. References are the best way to determine if someone is really as good as they appear to be, or if it’s all a façade to acquire more clientele. An established and trustworthy real estate agent should have no problem providing plenty of references for you to review before committing to working with them.

Find Someone You Feel Comfortable With

Once you find someone who checks all the boxes from a technical standpoint, it comes down to what your gut is telling you. Choose a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with, not someone who makes you feel uneasy or like your needs aren’t being heard. The buying and selling process for homes can be lengthy at times but having someone you like working with will make it feel a lot less stressful!

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