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Tim Hansen

Tim Hansen


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Tim was born in Worcester, MA and spent many years traveling and performing as a singer/songwriter. He has always had a hand in the arts and has been a long time member of the human service community. It was years of working with people that led him into real estate as a means of continuing to help people. As a longtime Worcester resident, Tim is well versed in the Central, MA area and looks forward to assisting in finding the right home for you!


Outside of Work I Enjoy:

When I am not hanging with the fam or playing with my boys, I love drawing, photography, writing and recording music.”

Do You Have Any Pets?:

“I have a ½ Pitbull / ½ Jack Russell terrier named Etta. It always cracks me up when I tell people that it was her dad who was the Jack Russell. True Story!”

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?

“Having spent many years working with the homeless community, my favorite charity is The Salvation Army.”

My Favorite Sports:

“I am a fan of all the Boston teams but  I am a die-hard Celtics fan. I haven’t missed a game since the Larry Bird era began when I was a kid. It’s a pretty serious basketball condition.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

My favorite part of the job is and will always be helping people. I definitely value relationships with people and am lucky to be in a profession where I can meet so many new folks.”