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Zachary has been a licensed real estate agent since the summer of 2014 while studying at UMass Amherst and began working to understand the business while finishing his studies. After graduating in 2016, Zachary knew that real estate was where he wanted to continue full time especially given that he had already been working in the industry while finishing school. Zachary saw real estate as a way to take control of his life and career rather than leaving it up to a big company or other people. He had been studying accounting and had always seen it as a stable and safe way to build a life, but after seeing close friends and family get laid off or taken advantage of in the accounting field, Zachary stepped back and realized that he wanted to be responsible for his own successes and failures in life. Real estate has allowed him to continue using his analytical and systems-oriented mind and to use the competitive drive he has from growing up playing sports and wanting to constantly better himself while allowing him to focus his energy on something that can help others with their goals and create relationships that go far beyond selling or buying a piece of property. While he at first thought his more introverted and methodical mind did not fit the prototypical mold of an agent, he has been able to learn how his skills translate into this business and have been able to effectively use the skills that come naturally to him in order to help his clients see and gain advantages through the process.

Zachary helps his clients reach their goals by first looking to understand what is important to them and listening for how he can be of assistance. He has enjoyed real estate because the transactions he gets to help with are typically the start of a new chapter for that client – whether that be selling property and what that equity can do for the family or individual, or helping in the purchase of a new home and the joy that can bring. By understanding what this means in the grand scheme of things for his client, Zachary can help them in a way that factors everything in that matters for them, both short and long term. Additionally, his goals are to be secure in his life and build a life around himself where he can bring good energy to family and friends, and those he chooses to work with. Zachary is always continuing to grow and better himself so that he can better reach those around him.

Zachary grew up in Braintree, MA, and currently resides there today.

What made you want to join Lamacchia Realty?

“I chose Lamacchia Realty because it really seems to put its agent first. There seems to be a lot of great resources here to help the agents create a better business, and that ultimately helps us work better and be of more help to our clients. The technology and systems within Lamacchia seem like top-end items, while still feeling like you can be heard and get help and not lost among everybody like in other companies.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I enjoy running and keeping active as much as I can. I have always been interested in psychology and in better understanding what drives people, both personally and professionally. I always have five or six books open at once on audible or out on the desk, so I am always looking for more to learn. I enjoy technology and sports and always love to spend time with family.”

Do you have a favorite charity?

“If I were to choose I would say The Alzheimer’s Association ( or St. Jude.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“Working with both buyers, sellers, and investors throughout my career has given me many opportunities to help clients in different stages of their lives, all with different goals for why they are getting into the real estate process. My favorite part of my job has been making these connections and starting these relationships because I love to keep connected and see what impact or memories come from what I was able to be a part of.”

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

“I grew up playing baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, with baseball being my biggest priority. I still enjoy playing in rec leagues and whenever I can but spend most of my time running now to keep in shape. I have always loved watching football and hockey the most on TV!”

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