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Sandra has had an interest in the real estate market for nearly a decade now, and the stars finally aligned and allowed her to begin pursuing real estate as a career! Sandra has followed the market for years and often finds herself down a virtual rabbit hole while searching through the latest news and articles in the industry – she loves learning and reading! If Sandra offers insight on a subject, it means she has spent countless hours looking up information and reading the latest articles to be truly informed. Sandra enjoys learning all there is to know about the market and this industry, and passing on that knowledge that she gains to her clients to keep them well informed throughout their buying or selling journey! As a REALTOR®, Sandra’s goal is to be the most informed and educated she can be. Being well informed and prepared is vital to being successful, and this is what she will provide her clients with. In providing her clients with a wealth of knowledge and all of the great tools she has to offer, they will see success in their journey of buying or selling! Sandra’s clients and colleagues would describe her as happy, witty, and committed.

Prior to real estate, Sandra worked for many years as a police dispatcher, and before that she was a bartender in the city for over a decade. These jobs have prepared Sandra to deal with any type of person who crosses her path. There is not a personality type she hasn’t experienced and that has helped her become a person who does not step down or get easily intimidated. These work experiences have also helped Sandra learn this city and the communities that are present and have made her really see everything this area has to offer!

Sandra grew up in Leicester and moved to Worcester shortly after graduating. She has been living in the city now for about 11 years and has lived in several different neighborhoods throughout her time here and knows this city like the back of her hand!

What made you want to join Lamacchia Realty? 

“Lamacchia Realty’s training program is what made me choose them. For me, being knowledgeable and informed are the most important aspects of a job where a client is relying on you to be their representative. Lamacchia offers an amazing training program, and also focuses on the importance of continuing education. The resources and tools Lamacchia agents have access to are exactly what I was searching for in an Agency.” 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

“My favorite thing to do outside of work is to travel. Of course, my favorite places usually require a plane and a bottle of sunscreen, but I also love weekend getaways in New England. I actually collect Christmas ornaments from everywhere I visit.” 

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

“My favorite part of my job is knowing that I am helping somebody start a new chapter in their book. It is so important to have the right person by your side for that, and it is a great feeling knowing they chose that person to be you.” 

Do you have any pets? 

“Unfortunately, I do not. I am 100% a dog person though.” 

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams? 

“Does bocce count as a sport? I’m not much of an athlete so yard games are about as far as I go on that front, especially when it involves a cookout.” 

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