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Michele, an unwavering Massachusetts native with deep ties to the Leominster and Fitchburg communities, possesses a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network of social connections that afford her a unique understanding of the complexities of cities and neighborhoods spanning Worcester and Middlesex County.

Coming from a large family, Michele has an intuitive grasp of the diverse needs and dynamics of families within her community. Her steadfast commitment to traditional family values, combined with active involvement in the local community, forms the foundation of her daily life. Michele deeply appreciates the profound significance of a home tailored to meet a family’s unique requirements, and she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to tirelessly advocating for her clients’ interests. Her unwavering focus is on attentively and empathetically listening to her clients’ desires and aspirations, aiming to identify their ideal home or investment.

With over five years of experience in the real estate industry, Michele brings a wealth of expertise to her profession. She holds an associate degree in Science and telecommunications from MWCC, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning. Her background encompasses more than two decades of sales and management experience, enriched by her specialized knowledge in small business and specialty insurance.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream by venturing into real estate, Michele possesses an extraordinary ability to discern the beauty in every home. Her unwavering commitment to her clients’ best interests fuels her tireless efforts, not only assisting buyers in securing the best value for their dream home but also ensuring sellers experience stress-free and seamless transactions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Michele derives immense joy from exploring diverse destinations, particularly those featuring picturesque beaches. Family road trips hold a special place in her heart, as does her unapologetic love for culinary experiences, always on the lookout for new restaurants to savor.

Michele’s compassionate spirit extends to her active involvement in charitable causes. She serves as a dedicated committee member for the local chapter of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Worcester County, a cause that resonates deeply with her. She consistently seeks opportunities to support charities and non-profit organizations within her community.

In her personal life, Michele shares her home with two cherished feline companions. With 28 years of marriage and the joys of raising all boys, Michele cherishes her role as “Mimi” to four beautiful grandchildren and values the tradition of Sunday family dinners. Her unwavering support for Boston-based sports teams, including the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Woosox, and Railers, exemplifies her enduring loyalty.

For Michele, the most cherished aspect of her role in real estate is her profound love for people and her steadfast commitment to helping them realize their dreams. Her ultimate reward lies in bringing smiles to her clients’ faces and assisting newcomers in discovering their place in her beloved hometown. Sharing the splendor of her community with others fills her heart with immense joy and fulfillment.

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“In my spare time I love to travel anywhere and everywhere usually somewhere with a beach. Road trips with my family are my favorite.  I also enjoy gardening and growing my own vegetables and am passionate about farm to table cooking.”

What is Your favorite Charity?

“Alzheimer’s Association and the Special Olympics are two organizations that I connect with personally and are near and dear to my heart. I prefer to work with charities and non-profits in my community such as a local non-profit organization called ‘Forward Thinking” which my eldest son is passionately involved in. I also use my photography skills often to work with local businesses that are trying to enhance the community within not just their business.”

Do You Have Any Pets?

“I have two dogs my Pitbull “Dutchess” and my little Cocheranian “Brownie”

My Favorite Sports:

“As a mother of all boys, I am a sports fanatic and an ultimate football mom by far so for me, my favorite teams include the Worcester State Lancers which one son is a player for. I’m also a huge Patriots fan as well.  I love all my Boston teams such as the Celtics, Redsox and Bruins (even though my husband is a Blackhawks fan).”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“I am a people person, I love meeting new people and helping them make their dreams come true. If I make you smile today, it has made my day. I love where I am from and enjoy being able to share that with newcomers to the area.”

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