Kristen Meleedy



Kristen is a third generation REALTOR®.  She grew up going to open houses, on appointments, having phones ringing in the house. (all before fax machines)

Kristen has said, “I never knew how much I knew until I began working in the family business,” over 20 years ago.

She experienced watching her grandmother, Elouise A. Troup and her mother, Lorraine Walsh Troup, working together with clients, finding homes over the past 60 years. This is where “Call Out The Troup’s” all began. I still have people come up to me today, and enjoy saying it, as my nana was very well known in town.   At the age 26, a single, working mom, she was able to purchase her first home in Braintree for her and her son, Michael.  A few years later, married with her second child, they outgrew the 900 sq. ft bungalow and moved to Mansfield where she has resided for the past 18 years.  Mansfield has been a wonderful balance of working between the south shore and southeastern areas, as she is familiar with all the surrounding territory to work with her clients.

Kristen brokered her family real estate office in Braintree & Mansfield for about 15 years after her mom’s passing, before joining Lamacchia. Kristen saw all the opportunities, training, & support that was provided and thought it was the best choice to offer all the incentives to her clients and joined the Lamacchia Way.

Kristen has worked with hundreds of clients both Selling & Buying Homes in Massachusetts.  One advantage working with Kristen is different from just any REALTOR® is her elevated skill-set. She attends regular training at Lamacchia, keeping current on local trends, she has owned multiple properties and the many years in the business that benefits her clients.  There have been many instances, where because she and or her family has worked in the area for so long, she has established relationships with other agents. These other agents know the quality work she provides and prefers to work with her for this reason, knowing it will be a good experience for all parties.

A 2nd advantage is the life experiences she brings to the table. Kristen’s personal background maximizes her understanding of the industry and the many different challenges her client may be going through too. Kristen will say “I have worn many hats”. She can personally relate to many people — either it be from being a single mom, running a business, getting married, divorced, getting remarried,  being a step-mom, supporting her family,  bankruptcy, owning investment properties, having tenants, owning a home on the cape–being subjected to the economics of the world, and still coming out on top through perseverance, commitment & integrity.

These characteristics can’t be taught, but are critical to having the “best” working for you.   Kristen will be there to provide you with “the best” experience during your real estate transaction. As in life, not any one real estate transaction is the same, so being able to identify concerns before they occur, and keeping the flow going for you to reach your goal of Selling*Buying – is her goal!

Kristen is grateful to have the opportunities to work with her clients, and when they continue to refer business to her, the trust is valued —  She offers her clients the highest standards of professionalism, providing them with excellent one-on-one care, creating an exceptional real estate transaction they want others to experience.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“We are a family of seven when altogether – so when not involved in a family activity – I have always loved traveling and photography. Photography has always been an inspiring outlet for me. I enjoy capturing a moment that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.  Last year we purchased some kayaks and enjoy exploring new lakes and rivers in the area –  and when home our four rescue pups from Tennessee keep us pretty busy too.”

Do you have a favorite charity?

“I am involved with a few different charities. I have volunteered with School on Wheels and participated in their tutoring program that I loved.  On occasion, I am able to volunteer my auctioneering skills to help charitable events with their auctions &  fundraising.  I think it is important to show by example to my children the gift of giving back, and the gift of time is just as valuable as the gift of monies.”

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

“My son, Ethan, began participating in youth wrestling a few years ago, and until this time, I didn’t realize much about it.  What I have learned is what a wonderful team sport it is and the camaraderie that is shared.  Wrestling is an interesting sport as it is an individual & a team sport at the same time.  I can now say Wrestling is one of my favorites followed by baseball.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“There are so many facets to being a Realtor that I love.  I grew up in this business being a 3rd generation Realtor and love meeting with people, learning what their needs are and assisting them on their path to owning their home and just plain getting to know them.  It isn’t always easy, as every transaction is different, but working together and helping people transition smoothly from buying their first home to downsizing is very rewarding for me.  I have the privilege of meeting many new people I would not otherwise meet and enjoy helping them build a foundation for their future.”