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As Lamacchia Realty’s Regional Manager of Cape Cod, Kara Foley brings decades of expertise and knowledge of the local area and industry to help grow Lamacchia’s presence in Falmouth and beyond.

Kara joined her family business, Foley Real Estate, in 2010 as a managing partner after a seven-year career in the investment banking industry. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Kara worked in hedge fund marketing internationally and later went on to be an institutional equity trader for Friedman, Billings and Ramsey. During Kara’s tenure in the investment banking industry, she worked hard to build a level of mutual trust and loyalty between she and her clients; she feels it is important to spend time getting to know her clients and what their specific needs are, allowing them to make investment decisions that best suit them—being that Real Estate is often ones largest and most important investment. Kara’s expertise in advising her clients to make informed, intelligent and sensical real estate investments has served her clients well over the many years that she has been managing her business. Kara’s expansive sphere of influence that she has cultivated over her lifetime in Falmouth has allowed her to connect her clients and efficiently close transactions. Kara’s love for Falmouth and all the natural beauty and adventure that it has to offer has driven her decades of passionate professionalism and success in the Real Estate Market and the local community. Kara worked for her family business, Foley Real Estate, even as a teenager to earn money to purchase her first boat and has grown up with Real Estate in her blood ever since. Kara’s experience in finance and management, coupled with her 40+ years living and breathing Falmouth Real Estate make her an experienced and seasoned professional who values her relationship with her customers above all else.

This experience and knowledge will propel Kara in her role as Cape Cod Regional Manager for Lamacchia Realty. She will use her expertise to lead and grow the Falmouth branch office and bring in even more talented REALTORS from the area.

She currently serves on The Cape Cod & Islands Association of Realtors Professional Standards Committee, Mediation Committee, and formerly the Grievance Committee.

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