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Jodi is a dedicated Realtor who provides exceptional personalized service to her buyers and sellers. She has over 10 years of experience selling homes North of Boston and loves a challenge. Her specialties are finding homes for her buyers even when the housing inventory is low and paving the way for a stress-free transaction, especially in a sell/buy situation!

Outside of Work, I Enjoy:

Walking, reading and spending time with family. I especially enjoy watching my son play baseball and the wonderful food and wine pairings my husband creates. Check out his website at

I have a passion for communities North of Boston and enjoy sharing successful local businesses (especially those that can help my home buyers and sellers with housing needs), events and initiatives through the North of Boston Lifestyle Guide. I am also very proud of my husband’s organization, Social Capital Inc. Founded in 2002, SCI’s mission is to strengthen communities by connecting diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives.

Do You Have Any Pets?:

Yes, my toy poodle, Rascal, brightens every day.

Favorite Part of My Job:

There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing I played a part in helping a family sell or purchase a dream home. I provide access to the information my customers need to make well-informed decisions when negotiating their real estate transactions. The best compliment my customers give me is a referral or when they come back for their next sale or purchase. My intention is to provide the best possible personal service in the industry. Give me a call!

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