Jacqueline Morse

Business Systems Support Specialist


Jacqueline joined Lamacchia Realty as an administrative assistant in July 2015. She now works as a business systems support specialist and helps to maintain the company’s CRM. She primarily handles responding to support tickets from agents and staff within the company, as well as works on behind-the-scenes projects and improvements for the CRM.

She graduated in early 2015 with a BA in Economics and East Asian Studies from Smith College. She traveled abroad while in college and has a strong international knowledge.

Outside of work I enjoy

“I love doing anything crafty or creative – photography, sketching, watercolors, and, of course, fun Pinterest tutorials! I have a passion for travelling, including everything from day trips to two-month-long volunteer journeys.”

My favorite sport

“I love watching hockey (go Bruins!), and playing anything pick-up! I wouldn’t call myself athletic, but I definitely have a lot of team spirit!”

Favorite part of my job

“Creating and manipulating spreadsheets to find creative ways of displaying and comparing data! Learning new excel formulas is my secret, nerdy passion.”