Edwin found his passion for real estate through the BiggerPockets podcast. After listening to the first 100 or so episodes, he decided that it was time to act and purchased his first investment property in 2018. At the time, all he wanted to do was to invest in real estate, not necessarily work in it. As he started to educate himself on the market and real estate history, he realized that he enjoyed real estate more than his full time job. Edwin then decided it was time to get his license.

Edwin has an ambitious goal of retiring by 42, and moving to the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar in Puerto Rico with his family. He hopes to learn to golf and maybe one day start going to the gym again. Until then, he aspires to become a better person than he was yesterday and the day before that. Being able to do something you love for a living…it doesn’t get any better than that! He has to be reminded constantly to stop working, and take some time off, as he truly loves and is passionate about his job – this is what he does for fun! With that, many would describe Edwin as adventurous, amiable, and relentless. He believes that real estate and homeownership can be intimidating to many people, and if it can be broken down into simpler terms, it could be an accomplishment that many more people achieve. That is how Edwin plans to help his clients, by breaking things down into terms that they can understand and be more educated in the home buying or home selling process.

Prior to real estate, Edwin worked in the chemical and pharma industry. He attended Northeastern University and majored in Biotechnology with minors in Communications and Business Management. After university, he worked at Cabot Corporation as a Senior Research Chemist, on the Purifications team, developing and manufacturing activated carbons. Prior to attending Northeastern and working at Cabot, Edwin served in the United States Marine Corps. In the Marine Corps, he was able to travel the world as a Marine Security Guard, providing internal security at United States Embassies in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. It is a great accomplishment of his and one that gave him core values to live by. His past work experiences have given him the confidence, self-discipline, and great moral character to provide his clients with the knowledge, not to purchase or sell a home, but to make a decision that best suits them. 

Edwin was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Peabody, MA, and currently lives in Leominster, MA.

What made you want to join Lamacchia Realty? 

“Lamacchia Realty has been at the forefront of the leading brokerages nationwide throughout the last few years. Before becoming an agent, Lamacchia was the one place I wanted to go, but chose to instead join a team at a different brokerage. The want of joining Lamacchia never went away and only became stronger every day. I started to realize that whenever I was looking at market updates, market forecasts, or real estate education, I always ended up on a page with the Lamacchia name on it. I knew that I would ask myself “what if” for the rest of my career, if I did not join Lamacchia.” 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

“Outside of real estate, I enjoy traveling throughout New England, skiing, and finding and trying new taco spots.” 

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

“My favorite part about working in real estate is the sense of calmness and peace that I feel when I am working.” 

Do you have any pets? 

I have two awesome dogs! Well, one is more annoying than awesome, but awesome nonetheless. I have a german shorthaired pointer and a daschund/yorkie mix. I will let you decide who the annoying one is. 

Do you have a favorite charity? 

Mission 22, they raise awareness about the number of suicides per day that were being recorded in the Veteran community. The number 22 comes from the number of Veterans who lose their lives every day by suicide, released after a study done by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in 2013. 

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams? 

“Without a doubt, baseball. Let’s go Yankees!”

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