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Dianne is part of Team Jill & Di, and they are a mother/daughter team specializing in their home town of Waltham where they both reside with their families. Dianne has been helping clients find that perfect property or home for over 20 years. She has three grown children and resides with her husband, Charlie, and their son Anthony.

She is especially proud to be working with her daughter, Jill. Who in her words is “the Best Partner Possible” for the past 9 years. Together their combined knowledge, experience, personalities, and style complement each other and offer the best to all their clients.

Outside of Work, I Enjoy:

Family is everything. My husband and I were professional foster parent for over 8 years, and were blessed with the opportunity to adopt two amazing sons into our family. You can always find me hosting Sunday dinners, summer cookouts, family football game day, or any reason to have the family together.

What is Your Favorite Sports Team?:

Boston has great teams and as family we love them all; but my son Anthony’s Special Olympics teams are my favorite.

What is Your Favorite Charity?:

Massachusetts’ Special Olympics’. This organization gives so much to these athletics! It not only gives them a chance to participate on a team, but provides them with an opportunity to make friends and have fun.

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Dianne Lombardi



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