Daniel Fabyan Christiansen



Daniel Christiansen is a Massachusetts native who is easy-going while also highly enthusiastic. He is a great cook and a lover of fine cuisine with a passion for sailing. Before coming to the Real Estate industry he was a commercial fisherman and a black smith. Daniel maintains a passion for sailing and derives pleasure from working with his hands in his free time. He is widely regarded by all who know him as someone reliable, trustworthy, and loyal as both a friend and a Realtor.

Why I joined Lamacchia Realty:

“I decided to join Lamacchia Realty after an awesome exhaustive search of various brokerage firms in the commonwealth. I determined that Lamacchia Realty had the most intensive and useful training and support structure that would enable me and give me the tools necessary to do my job most effectively. That combined with the wonderful attitude from everyone I had met and by far the friendliest and most genuinely caring office culture I had experienced made my decision to join the Lamacchia team absolutely certain. ”

Outside of Work I Enjoy:

“Outside of work I enjoy making metal craft, training my dog, sailing, and hiking. I couldn’t live without outdoor activities.”

My Favorite Charity:

“My favorite charity is bestbuddies.org. My mother was a therapist and she taught me from an early age to have compassion for the differently able. I’ve seen that group do meaningful work in the lives of those people.”

My Favorite Sports:

“My favorite team is of course the New England Patriots. We in New England have been blessed to watch the legendary power house Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lead the Pats to victory year after year.”

Favorite Part of My Job:

“My favorite thing about real estate is the people. There is nothing better than seeing a client get exactly what they want and knowing that I was instrumental in that process.”

Do you have any pets?

“I’ve been a dog owner all my life . My dog is an yellow English lab who is the sweetest and most obedient animal I’ve ever met.”