Charles V. Grillo, Jr.

REALTOR® Licensed in Massachusetts and Florida


Charles’s journey to Lamacchia Realty has taken him a lifetime of experiences to get here, but communication and relationship building are why he ultimately decided to get into real estate. He started off working in radio broadcasting while in high school. He then joined the Army as a Combat Medic, serving a one year tour in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. Charles takes pride in assisting fellow Veterans to find properties to call their own. Charles studied Economics at Boston University which enables him to keep up to date on market conditions. Charles became a licensed private investigator which enabled him to be a good researcher, and he took those skills to work for Researching plot plans, utility connections, conservation, wetlands, historical landmarks, easements, and encumbrances has made Charles a good resource for prospective buyers.

Getting licensed in Massachusetts and Florida broadens his ability to handle his client’s needs. His friends worried about finding a good REALTOR® in Florida when they sell in Massachusetts, and now he can handle both transactions with ease. Charles is a member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board and Broward, Palm Beaches, & St. Lucie Realtors. Additionally, Charles has a team in place to handle Condominium conversions. He has worked with land surveyors, architects, engineers, and real estate attorneys to complete two conversions already. Charles is also a notary public.

What made you want to join Lamacchia Realty?

“When I reached out to Mr. Lamacchia. I was impressed that he responded quickly. His receptiveness, vision and energy made it easy for me to decide to join Lamacchia. Having an office in Massachusetts and Fort Lauderdale was key. Many of my entertainment industry friends sold in Massachusetts and are planning on purchasing in Florida. Being licensed in both states, I can now handle both transactions. I am honored that his team allowed me to affiliate. His team is highly motivated for success. So am I. I know this is going to be a fun journey bringing people together one transaction at a time. It’s not about the transaction. It’s about the relationship.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“Learning video and audio editing, graphic and web design, and rooting for all Boston sports teams.”

Do you have a favorite charity?

“Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Shriners Hospitals for Children.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“Finding solutions to difficult situations, and bringing people together.”

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

“Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, and Tennis. Must be competitive and a fair playing field. I play to win.”

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