Brigitte David



Brigitte joined Lamacchia Realty in February 2020. She was born and raised in Fall River, but has made her home in West Bridgewater. Brigitte has had a fascination with Real Estate ever since purchasing her first home in 2005. She brings over 20 years of customer service experience to Lamacchia Realty. After graduating from Bryant College, now Bryant University, she jumped right into a retail managerial position that taught her the most about engaging her customer and supporting them so that they would leave with the confidence that they were in control of their decisions, while being supported by someone knowledgeable of the products.  She continued her growth while working in various industries, but always had a hand in customer service regardless of whether she was supporting an internal or external customer.  Now that her children are getting older, Brigitte is ready to start a new career where she can combine her passion and skillset to help her clients make one of the most important decisions in their life.

What made you want to join Lamacchia Realty?

“A friend joined Lamacchia just prior to my joining.  She has some experience and told me that if a company with this type of training and support had existed when she was starting out, it would have been a no brainer! So here I am!”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I enjoy spending time at the beach, gardening, a good book, traveling and spending time with my husband and 3 kids.”

What is your favorite charity?

“While I don’t have a favorite charity, there are two that I have recently supported and am very interested in their work.  The first is Haiti180, for 2 reasons…my husband’s parents emigrated from Haiti before he was born and the devastation that has occurred there is heartbreaking. The other charity is the Ocular Melanoma Foundation as two very important people in my life have been diagnosed with this extremely rare form of cancer.”

Do you have any pets?

“We have a rambunctious Portuguese Water Dog, Scarlett, a mean cat, Smokey and my daughter’s hedgehog, Pancake, who likes to run in her squeaky wheel…All.Night.Long!”

My Favorite Sports:

“I love all Boston sports, but my preference is to watch my kids on the soccer field and basketball court.”

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