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Born and raised in North Attleboro, Bill struck out on his own at age18 and traveled the globe extensively for 4 years before living in numerous places such as Upstate New York, Nantucket Island, various towns on Cape Cod, and Palm Beach, Florida prior to resuming his formal education. During that time, he acquired valuable life and work experiences, met many interesting people, then went on to attend Cape Cod Community College, Assumption College, Harvard University, and Northeastern University. All of those accomplishments, jobs, events, people, and places have contributed to the person he is today. His well-rounded education, broad life experiences, and intense work ethic transferred perfectly to his real estate practice to the point where his buyer-clients and sellers are amazed by the high degree of energy, marketing skills, and internet proficiency that he brings to the table, all very much to their advantage. If you are looking for an agent who is not afraid to try something new, who works tirelessly toward a specific goal, and who uses every imaginable technology to get the job done, then you should meet to discuss what his skills can do for you.

You’ve been in the business for quite some time. What made you decide to switch to Lamacchia Realty?

“I joined Lamacchia Realty in April 2016, left for several months in 2022, and returned after realizing Lamacchia Realty is THE agency for me.”

Giving clients the best possible service is every REALTOR®’s goal. How does Lamacchia Realty better help you serve your clients?

“Lamacchia Realty’s entire management team, marketing department, tech specialists, and quality of agents’ training has created an overall positive office culture of support and guidance unmatched by any other agency regardless of agency’s size.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I’m a member of Rotary International and am also very active in my local church activities. Athletically, I’ve been hooked on the sport of rowing for decades, for which there is no known cure.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Even though I’m by definition an “independent contractor”, the climate at Lamacchia Realty makes me feel less alone and more part of a well-oiled machine where I can comfortably reach out to any staff member to express any question or problem I’m experiencing and get a quick and friendly response. There’s a culture of “sharing” among agents themselves as well as agents and managers.”

Do you have any pets?

“My wife and I have one “deva cat” who struts her stuff around the house to remind us how beautiful she is and that we can admire her only from a distance and touch her only under her terms and for very limited periods of time. We are subordinate to her every whim, of course.”

Do you have a favorite charity?

“Under the broad umbrella of Rotary International, there are several charities toward which we direct our time and resources. In that manner, I can direct my time and energy toward a number of charities as needed.”

What’s your favorite sport to play or watch?

“I follow the New England Patriots quite actively. But my primary passion for many years has been in the sport of rowing as a competitor, coach, announcer at events, and introducing the sport to those who ordinarily would never have considered rowing as an option for themselves.”

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