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Angela Clemonts received her license in November 2022, and she is ready to hit the ground running! She was encouraged by several realtors who know her personally to pursue real estate, as they believed she would be a natural fit for the industry. Now that she’s completed the licensing process, Angela is eager to learn and grow her business. Her current goal is to build and expand a successful real estate business that helps people find their perfect home. Angela prides herself on actively listening to her clients’ wants and needs and working hard to deliver what they’re looking for. With 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Angela has honed her front-facing, people-oriented skills, making her well-suited to deal with the public and handle any issues or concerns her clients may have. Her ability to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life makes her an ideal real estate agent. Angela is known for her fun, diligent, and empathetic personality. Originally from Connecticut, Angela lived in New Hampshire and Maine before returning to Connecticut 14 years ago.

What made you choose Lamacchia Realty?

“I began my real estate career with a different company. Shortly after signing with them, quite a few people left to go over to Lamacchia. This definitely gave me pause and had me wondering if I should follow their lead. I stayed for a few months; however being brand new to real estate, I did not feel as if I was getting enough support and formal training to assist me in getting things started with my career. I attended the Crush It event earlier this year in Worcester and I was so impressed by what I saw. The level of energy and enthusiasm was infectious. The amount of training offered to me before I was even part of the company made me eager to see how much more I would get if I joined. Although Lamacchia is a significantly larger company than the one I left, I noticed how close-knit everyone was; from the agents all the way to the higher-ups in the company, everyone was warm and inviting. I appreciated that even Anthony took a moment of his time to speak with me. Not long after that, I decided to come over to Lamacchia and I am absolutely sure I made the right choice!”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I love spending time with family! Whether it’s some quality time with just me and my husband or our family game time with our children, or being at large family gatherings with all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family; family is a top priority to me. I love to travel! In an ideal world, I would want to visit every single country on the map at least once. I am always looking for a new adventure. I love the great outdoors and being in nature. I especially love being near the ocean and love to hike. I’m definitely looking forward to the weather getting warmer so I can spend some time at the shore and exploring some trails.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“I love the fact that every day is a new experience and that I get to interact with lots of different people. I love putting a smile on someone’s face and I thrive off of positive energy. I would be bored if I had to work a job where I sat at a desk all day and the only type of interaction with people was through a computer or the phone.”

Do you have any pets?

“I have a 7-month-old puppy named Lina.”

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