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Andreia Oliveira is a motivated real estate agent whose journey into the industry was sparked by her lifelong fascination with houses. She obtained her real estate license in 2018 after becoming a mom and deciding to pursue a career change. Growing up, Andreia accompanied her family on countless house tours, and this is when her love for homes was born. Today, she resides in Rockland, Massachusetts, and she’s on a mission to help others, especially first-time buyers, achieve their homeownership dreams. What sets Andreia apart is her diverse background in various sales roles. In 2019, just a year after earning her real estate license, she became an independent contractor for an inspection company, gaining invaluable knowledge about properties and the real estate market. People describe Andreia as humorous, passionate, and sincere. She’s known for her commitment to honesty and transparency throughout every step of the real estate process. With her deep understanding of different regions in Massachusetts, from the South Shore to the North Shore, Andreia is dedicated to helping her clients make their real estate dreams a reality.

You’ve been in the business for quite some time. What made you decide to switch to Lamacchia Realty?

“After being in the business for several years and not being properly trained, one day I came across Lamacchia’s social media platforms and just knew I had to make the switch. The extensive knowledge/ training and amazing energy are what reeled me in.”

Giving clients the best possible service is every REALTOR’s goal. How does Lamacchia Realty better help you serve your clients?

“Lamacchia has all the tools and technology there is to offer, not to mention the constant training for the agents you can never stop learning!”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I love being a mom to my 5-year-old boy and spending time with my loved ones and pets. We’re always looking for new outdoor areas to explore.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“That feeling of success knowing that I just guided my clients and helped make a dream come true, nothing beats seeing their happiness.”

Do you have any pets?

“My baby girl German Shepherd and two cats.”

What’s your favorite sport to play or watch?

“I couldn’t decide on one but it’s between watching European/ Latin American soccer teams and the Celtics baby!”

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Andreia Oliveira, realtor, headshot

Andreia Oliveira



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