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Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson




Growing up an  “Air Force brat,” by the age of fifteen I’d seen more of the world than most people see in a lifetime.  We moved every two years and lived all over the United States and world.  My interest in houses and real estate started early as I watched my parents find dozens of houses and turn them into homes.

Moving continued to be part of life after college and landing a job in corporate America.  I moved to Charlestown, MA in 1998 and fell in love with Massachusetts and New England.  I found it amazing that within an hour I could be walking a beach, hiking a mountain or touring Paul Revere’s house.   When I moved a few years later, I vowed to make Massachusetts my permanent home some time in the future.  In 2011, we bought our home in Worcester and plan to be here for the rest of our lives!

Years of living in numerous homes and even renovating some have given me the ability to help others see the possibilities of a property and what makes a great home.  I love to help others find that perfect house and turn it into a home.

Outside of Work, I Enjoy:

I like to spend time hanging out with family and friends.  Watch the TV show “Chronicle” and then visit the places highlighted on the show.   I also love woodworking and always have a project or two waiting for me to finish.

Do You Have Any Pets?:

We have our cat, Bo.  We rescued him from a shelter.  He’s always waiting at the door for us, looking for a lap to take a nap.

Do You Have a Favorite Charity?:

The Children’s Smile Coalition is a Worcester based organization that helps homeless and underprivileged teens and encourages all teens and kids to give back to their community.

Favorite Part of My Job:

I really enjoy meeting and working people.   Selling or Buying a home can be overwhelming.  I find a lot of satisfaction in walking people through the process and finding solutions to any issues that may arise.  Handing keys to a smiling client is the BEST!!

What are your favorite sports, and sports teams?

Patriots, Patriots, Patriots.