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Lamacchia Realty has some of the best real estate agents in New England.  They couldn’t be the best if they didn’t have strong support from our inside staff which is why we started the Staff Stars series.  Our Staff Star interviews will highlight a new staff member that goes above and beyond for the company, the agents, and for our valued clients.  This time around the award goes to Shannon Wright.


Shannon was such a great addition to the team. She is an excellent writer, she is such a value to the agents and she quickly picks up on new tasks and recently spearheaded a Marketing Services roll out. I am so happy to have Shannon on my team and look forward to seeing her continue to grow in her career.”Lindsay Favazza, Director of Marketing

When did you start at Lamacchia Realty?

I started in May of 2019, so just about a year and a half ago.

Describe your Role within the company:

I primarily work with agents out of the Waltham, Westford, Woburn, Chelmsford, and Beverly offices, supporting them and whatever their marketing needs may be. That includes a variety of things like helping them set up a Facebook business page, put together their bio page on our website, and helping them understand different marketing tools at their disposal, like Canva, Instagram, etc. I manage the Facebook business pages and mailing for agents in my offices that have opted in to our Marketing Services Program. I get content onto their websites, post it, and create ads on their business pages while marketing their listings and open houses. I put together monthly postcards for them to send out to their sphere and farm to help keep them top of mind. Basically, I spend A LOT of time on Facebook and Xpressdocs finding different ways to make sure our agents are being marketed to showcase the incredible work they do here at Lamacchia Realty! The last week of the month the marketing department and myself included can be a little hard to get a hold of while we’re in the midst of putting together and deploying the monthly newsletters for the agents.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I always try to make time for the gym and exercise, even though that has been a bit tricky in 2020. Spending time with my family is always high on my list, I have two adorable nieces (and a very awesome sister) that I try to spend as much time with as possible. I love getting out and going to different breweries and restaurants in New England with my boyfriend on the weekends. Generally, I love finding some way to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with my favorite people.

What is your favorite project you have been a part of while at Lamacchia Realty?

That’s a tough one! My favorite project pre-pandemic was getting to interview a handful of agents for Agent Bio Videos, which were short videos that helped potential clients get to know them better. I was able to ask the agents all about their careers, the ups and downs of real estate industry, and what makes it all worth it in the end. Getting to watch them describe the work they do every day with such passion only made me that much more passionate about the work I do to market them. There hasn’t been nearly as much one on one time with the agents as of late, but I did enjoy getting to set up a new and affordable marketing service that would be more accessible especially for new agents. I was able to work with a company called RisMedia in order to get our agents access to an automatic posting software that could help agents increase their social media presence while saving them time at an affordable cost.

What is the most important part of your job?

The most important part of my job is definitely being an advocate for our agents and making sure they are properly and positively represented in order for them to get more leads and in turn more clients. Ever since day one, it was made very clear how highly this company values their agents, and the trust those agents put in us in order to market them and gain them more clients. When the agents do well, the company does well. My job as the agent’s marketing assistant is to help them better market themselves and find more ways to get direct agent leads, whether that be through coming soon ads, a boosted blog post from their Facebook Business Page, an agent website, or a consistent stream of just sold postcards.

How would you describe the culture at Lamacchia Realty?

The culture is really like a big family. I don’t just say that because I call our Marketing Director ‘Mom’ and our Brand and Content Manager ‘Dad’. I also say it because everyone in the company is truly there to support one another. Whether you’re at a high or a low, everyone in the company genuinely cares about your well-being, successes, or struggles. It’s extremely rare to find a group so dedicated to their jobs and the success of the company while also being so committed to supporting one another.

What other places have you worked and what about Lamacchia Realty is different?

Before starting at Lamacchia Realty I worked as a Business Development Representative for a software company. It was full of young and hungry professionals who were focused on making money and that was about it. Lamacchia is different in a million ways, but mostly because everyone wants to watch the company grow and succeed as a whole. No one is there only for money and titles, but to help the agents exceed their goals while expanding the company and helping it grow into the giant national success that we all know it can be.

If someone outside of the company asked you if they should join Lamacchia Realty, what information or advice would you give them?

If someone outside of the company was looking to join, I would tell them if they’re looking for somewhere to grow and expand their business or career, whatever it may be, this is the place to be. In fact, I even had my Mom who is a Realtor join the company after I had been there for 6 months. Not everyone can say they would want their mom working for the very company they work for!