Staff Star – David Shepard

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Lamacchia Realty has some of the best real estate agents in New England.  They couldn’t be the best if they didn’t have strong support from our inside staff which is why we started the Staff Stars series.  Our Staff Star interviews will highlight a new staff member that goes above and beyond for the company, the agents, and for our valued clients.  This time around the award goes to David Shepard.


I am so excited that David has joined our team and is our latest staff star. In the short time that David has been with us it’s evident how much of an impact he is making. His attention to detail and willingness to always go above and beyond shows what a well rounded team player he is. I can’t tell you how many people have taken time out of their day to tell me what an amazing job he is doing and how happy they are to work with him. I’m excited to see what the future holds for him at our company and look forward to working with him for a long time to come!“- Angela Walker, Vice President of Operations

When did you start at Lamacchia Realty?

I started at Lamacchia Realty just a bit over 6 months ago, in February of 2020.

Describe your Role within the company:

As one of Lamacchia’s Field Agents, I provide prelist services primarily in the Worcester and Leominster areas. I take photographs, measure out floorplans, install and remove signs, and generally do whatever I can out in the field to help agents and homeowners get their properties ready to list.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and our friends, riding our bikes and playing table-top games. My wife and I both love to learn, so we try to read and talk about new concepts and teach each other new skills we learn. We also spend quite a lot of time learning how to care for and improve our first house, which we bought through Lamacchia in December.

What is your favorite project you have been a part of while at Lamacchia Realty?

Not exactly a single project, but I love providing first-time prelist services for agents who are new to Lamacchia. Some agents are relieved that they don’t have to take their own pictures, while others are simply excited that I put up the sign, but no matter the reason I enjoy having the opportunity to demonstrate to our new agents some of the ways we can help make their lives easier.

What is the most important part of your job?

The pictures, of course! Really though, it’s trust and attention to detail. Each day I have the chance to show both agents and sellers why they should trust Lamacchia. Are the pictures aligned well? Should the lockbox go somewhere else to avoid hitting the door jamb? Is the sign straight and secure? Each seemingly little thing that can make the process smoother eventually adds up, so all the details wind up being incredibly important.

How would you describe the culture at Lamacchia Realty?

The culture at Lamacchia is supportive and consistent. As a Field Agent, I get to interact with a lot of agents and staff across the company, and everyone is always working towards a high standard and common goals. All the staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with have been absolutely remarkable, always happy to jump in to help, always striving to improve themselves and the company, and our agents must take their cues from the staff because they’re fantastic too!

What other places have you worked and what about Lamacchia Realty is different?

In the past I’ve worked in food service at a small local marketplace in West Boylston, in human services at a school for children with developmental disabilities in Lancaster, and in security and technology at Disney in Orlando, FL. One immeasurable difference that sets Lamacchia Realty apart is that no one here is trying to cut corners. Being able to truly trust and depend on my coworkers has been such a foreign experience for me that I am still trying to adjust, but it makes all the difference.

If someone outside of the company asked you if they should join Lamacchia Realty, what information or advice would you give them?

Whether they’re interested in a company that values them, or a company worth valuing, I’d say Lamacchia is definitely what they’re looking for. From day one I haven’t just been expected to succeed in my role, I’ve been guided and supported in that success. From management down, each person I interact with helps in their own way, and I never feel like I’ve been left adrift. That attitude and structure make Lamacchia a company that not only feels good to work for, but also one to strive and improve for. That way, it only gets better!