Aileen Buckely Staff Star 1121

Lamacchia Realty has some of the best REALTORS® in New England. They couldn’t be the best if they didn’t have strong support from our inside staff which is why we started the Staff Stars series. Our Staff Star interviews will highlight a new staff member that goes above and beyond for the company, the REALTORS®, and for our valued clients.  This time around the award goes to Aileen Buckley.

"In Aileen’s short time on the staff side, she has brought so much to the table! Her years of experience as an Agent in the field has helped take Agent Field Services to a new level. Aileen is willing to help in anyway she can and I hear daily compliments about how wonderful she is to work with."

When did you start at Lamacchia Realty?

I started as an agent in the Fall of 2020, and I joined the staff side in June 2021.  

Describe your Role within the company:

I am the Dispatcher/Administrative Assistant for our Agent Field Services team. I also assist with Reception on Saturdays, and you may occasionally see me in a sales office covering for another Admin. As Dispatcher/Admin, I will take incoming requests for various tasks and confirm availability to assist, schedule showings, coordinate internally with other Admins as needed, and ultimately make sure that everyone is where they need to be. I love it!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I’ll spend my free time with my family and friends, favorite spots are my backyard/firepit or any beach!  

What is your favorite project you have been a part of while at Lamacchia Realty?

Agent Field Services itself is a new endeavor/project, and I am excited to see where it goes within the next year and beyond. 

What is the most important part of your job?

The single most important part of my job, from my perspective, is to show up every day and actively help make things happen.

How would you describe the culture at Lamacchia Realty?

I think Lamacchia Realty is one of those places where the culture truly is unparalleled, there’s just a mutual accountability to each other that doesn’t exist anywhere else. How we do one thing, is how we do everything. 

What other places have you worked and what about Lamacchia Realty is different?

I worked for 13 years in various administrative roles, as well as an agent, for a small real estate brokerage. That brokerage is team-centric, and they ultimately have different goals than Lamacchia Realty, among other differences. I believe that goals are naturally different when the broker/owners and licensed staff are all also selling real estate alongside their agents.

If someone outside of the company asked you if they should join Lamacchia Realty, what information or advice would you give them?

Simple! What are you waiting for?  

Aileen Buckley Staff Star